A colorless challenge

Safety is paramount in the business of producing food on a commercial scale. Anything that is not meant to be eaten must be kept strictly away from the finished product. ABB reconfigured its production process to meet the needs of a major maker of industrial freezer.

To guarantee a high-quality end product, the environment in the freezer has to be absolutely free from any risk of contamination. Therefore OctoFrost wanted unpainted motors only. The only colorful objects in its industrial freezers should be the food.

To comply with high food safety requirements, ABB skipped the traditional blue coating and delivered motors in plain aluminum. Since August 2014 OctoFrost has been able to install unpainted fan motors from ABB in all its freezers. Unpainted replacements are also available regardless of where in the world the customers are located.


Customer OctoFrost
Location Malmö, Sweden
Industry food & beverage
Motors and Generators deliveries

200 pcs customized IE2 Process performance aluminum LV motors with nominal powers of 11, 15 and 22 kW

Keys to success

customer’s problem was solved, good local support and service, long business relationship with ABB

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