Optimizing the cost of motor ownership

Cost of running and cost of not running

In addition to supplying highly reliable and efficient motors, ABB provides a suite of tools, products and services aimed at helping plant operators to minimize the cost of motor ownership.

cost of ownership formula

Cost of ownership consists of the motor’s purchase price and installation costs, the cost of running (mainly energy) and also the cost of not running – ie, the cost to the business of unscheduled downtime when a motor fails.

Cost of purchase

In most cases the purchase price is a very small factor in the overall cost of ownership. Motors should always be correctly dimensioned for the application, and ABB’s professional installation and commissioning services will secure long-term reliable operation.

Cost of running

High efficiency motors are the default offering from ABB, with motors for the IE2, IE3 and IE4 efficiency classes and the various MEPS around the world. In addition to energy savings, better efficiency means lower running temperatures, which contribute to higher reliability.

Cost of not running

All ABB motors are designed for reliability and a long operating lifetime. ABB also offers a wide range of consulting, diagnostic and appraisal tools for preventive and predictive maintenance. These tools monitor the condition of motors – either on-site or remotely – and detect service needs at an early stage. This enables plant operators to replace worn components before they actually fail, helping to reduce and even eliminate downtime.

​Prevent the cost of not running

ABB offers a comprehensive suite of diagnostic and condition monitoring services

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