“It only takes five minutes to buy a high voltage motor?”

An online tool from ABB makes it possible to select and buy a high voltage motor in just a few minutes.

Until now high voltage motors have been highly customized and buying one has taken several days. But a custom-engineered motor is not always needed for all high voltage applications. In some cases, a pre-engineered motor is a better option as it is more cost-effective and has a shorter lead time to reach the customer.

MachSize is an easy-to-use online tool, available to customers, for selecting and configuring ABB’s N-series high voltage configured-to-order motors. These pre-engineered motors meet the most common requirements across many industries, offering levels of energy efficiency, reliability and safety similar to engineered motors.

With this new tool, you get a complete quotation quickly and easily. It enables you to configure a high voltage configured-to-order motor, generate a quotation, send your order and obtain the necessary documentation.

MachSize is an online tool that can be accessed 24/7 via laptops, tablets, phones – any device that has a browser and Internet connection. It reduces the time needed to get a quotation and order a motor from several days to just a few minutes.

All user inputs automatically checked

MachSize guides you through the motor selection process in a series of straightforward, logical steps. Most information is input by selecting from drop-down boxes or clicking on buttons, and no specialized knowledge is needed.

You are prompted to provide basic technical parameters including the required standard (IEC or NEMA), type of installation area (safe or hazardous), cooling medium (air or water), IP protection class, supply type (direct-on-line or variable speed drive control), voltage, frequency, ambient temperature, altitude, and required output.

All new information entered to the tool is automatically validated. If the information affects other motor parameters, MachSize will immediately update the available options. For example, when you select the voltage level the tool will check which output levels are compatible with the chosen voltage. It then updates the choice of outputs displayed on screen so that you are only presented with valid options.

In this way MachSize continuously verifies the design and ensures that the motor you configure can be manufactured, making the quotations and technical information fully verified. The tool also checks that the configured motor meets safe starting requirements.

MachSize saves motor configurations as projects and makes it easy to reuse information from earlier projects. Where projects require the same or similar motors as before, you can save time by copying the necessary information from a previous project. An advanced search function quickly finds the needed data from past projects.

Parameters and price information regularly updated

Technical parameters and prices are regularly updated, so MachSize always shows current information. At the end of the selection process the tool provides a dimension drawing, data sheet, component list and quotation completed with terms and conditions.

To submit the order to ABB’s local sales unit, just click on the Hand Over button. This creates an email to the sales unit which contains a link to the specific project in MachSize, and space where you can add your own message.

MachSize is suitable for registered customers and ABB partners like distributors and OEMs. It enables distributors to answer queries from their own customers, and is especially useful during customer visits. Using a laptop or tablet, distributors can check specifications or price details and provide instant answers.

Clear, straightforward interface

The tool presents only the necessary options in order to keep the interface simple. Feedback from users confirms that MachSize is easy and intuitive to use. It supports you throughout the information gathering process, and requires only a minimal amount of information to produce valid quotations.

MachSize makes buying high voltage motors fast and easy. Try it and see how much time you can save.

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N-series configured to order high voltage motors

  • Cost-effective pre-packaged designs
  • Pre-engineered to meet most common industrial needs
  • Excellent energy efficiency, reliability and safety
  • Ideal for applications where a highly customized motor is not needed
  • Available in three product families: rib cooled IEC, rib cooled above NEMA, and modular induction 
  • Power range 50 to 8,100 kilowatts (kW)

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