Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSRs)

This directive is a directive under ATEX 137 of the EU Treaty of Amsterdam: 2.10.1997, which concerns with health and safety requirements to be respected in different working places.

The safety of an installation in a hazardous area is the result of a co-operation of the equipment manufacturer, the installator and the end user. This directive is concentrating on the duties of the end user.

  • Workers should be trained on hazardous area issues by the employer
  • Authorization should be delivered to each employee who is working in hazardous areas
  • Explosion protection measures should be taken and an explosion protection document (EPD) has to be established
  • Employer should endure co-ordination procedure in case of maintenance in hazardous areas from different 'origin'. When an equipment has to be repaired the end user has the responsibility to select an appropriate repair shop.
  • Zone 0 or zone 20 requires Category 1 equipment
  • Zone 1 or zone 21 or zone 22 with conductive dust requires Category 1 or Category 2 equipment
  • Zone 2 or zone 22 requires Category 1 or Category 2 or Category 3 equipment
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