Increased safety motors and generators

Exceptional performance and safety for the most demanding industries

Welcome to ABB's increased safety motors, a specialized range within our offering of motors and generators designed for hazardous environments. Our products are engineered with a deep understanding of the unique needs of industries operating in potentially explosive atmospheres. Built to the highest safety standards including IECEx and ATEX, these motors offer an 'increased safety' protection concept, minimizing risks by eliminating sparking and high surface temperatures. Combining cutting-edge technology, robust design, and customization capabilities, ABB's increased safety motors ensure reliable and efficient operation, even in the harshest and most challenging conditions. Discover how our commitment to safety, quality, and technological innovation can bring unparalleled value to your operations.
  • High-quality motors designed for explosive atmospheres
  • Engineered for industries such as oil and gas, mining, chemicals, and petrochemicals
  • Improved safety and reliability in hazardous conditions
  • Energy-efficient design ensuring cost savings

Key benefits

  • Superior Safety: Our increased safety motors are designed to minimize risks in hazardous environments.
  • Energy Efficiency: ABB motors ensure high-efficiency operation, leading to significant energy savings.
  • Reliability: Withstand extreme conditions, including high temperatures and corrosive environments.
  • Wide Industry Applications: Ideal for oil and gas, mining, chemicals, and petrochemicals industries.

Our offering

Frequently asked questions

How do ABB's increased safety motors ensure safety in hazardous environments?
ABB's increased safety motors are specifically designed to prevent the generation of sparks and limit surface temperatures, which are common ignition sources, ensuring safe operation in hazardous or explosive environments.

What makes ABB's increased safety motors more reliable?
ABB's increased safety motors feature a robust design, high-quality materials, and advanced manufacturing processes, along with adherence to stringent international safety standards like IECEx and ATEX, all of which contribute to their enhanced reliability.

What kind of industries can benefit from ABB's increased safety motors?
ABB's increased safety motors are ideal for a variety of industries operating in potentially hazardous or explosive atmospheres, including oil and gas, chemical, mining, and other sectors where safety is paramount.

Are there any customization options available for ABB's increased safety motors?
Yes, ABB provides customization options for its increased safety motors based on specific industry requirements and operating conditions, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and efficiency.

What power range do ABB's increased safety motors cover?
ABB's increased safety motors cover a wide power range, offering solutions for various industrial needs, from small-scale applications to those requiring large, high-power motors.
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