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We are putting our heads together to find the best solutions that lowers the cost of electricity in a sustainable way.
ABB Motion Services helps customers around the globe to improve wind turbine performance and lower the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCoE) throughout the entire life cycle of wind farms. We guarantee high availability, turbine performance and power grid stability through proven, standardized and scalable solutions globally.

Our complete range of services and digital solutions enable the electrical drivetrains, auxiliary systems (pitch motors and yaw motors and drives) and synchronous condensers to operate safely, reliably and profitably.

Extending the lifetime of wind turbines

With many wind turbines coming to the end of their design life, replacing electrical components can extend the life of the turbine by 10 years or more – however, collaboration is key.

Reliability services for your wind turbines

Maximize turbine uptime with maintenance plans and support tailored to your needs, on-site and remotely, all day, every day, for optimal Annual Energy Production (AEP) and increased safety.

Planned services

Protect your investment and avoid costly downtime

Installation and commissioning

Our certified engineers provide professional installation and commissioning services for you to optimize the safety, availability and performance of your wind generators and converters.

Preventive maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance is an investment in the avoidance of failures – the program can eliminate disruptions to your production and help you to cut operating costs and secure your long-term competitiveness

It takes a step-by-step approach with procedures undertaken at intervals over the lifetime of the equipment according to detailed product-specific schedules.


When you get ABB training, you do not just get a course. You gain access to trusted and professional knowledge that helps you to build your team’s competence, enhance safety, develop your staff’s troubleshooting skills, and maximize the availability of your equipment. You receive the maximum possible benefit of it today, tomorrow, and beyond


Reconditioning is an effective way of restoring wind converters to as new condition. Reconditioning can significantly cut downtime if a new converter has to be ordered.

Recovery services

Fast intervention when something goes wrong

Technical support

Remote support services
Our technical support services put you in direct contact with a team of engineers who are experienced in both your equipment and applications. An ABB expert can remotely analyze the current situation and determine what action should be taken.

Field services
Our trained and certified field service engineers help you to get your equipment back online if something goes wrong.


On-site and in authorized workshops
Our repair services help you restore your operations quickly. With one of the market’s widest service networks globally, and service engineers standing by to carry out repairs on-site or in authorized workshops, we can offer different repair options to match your needs. With our repair services, you can safely minimize production and process downtime.

Spare parts and capital spares

We help to keep your wind turbines operating by offering spare part packages that match your needs and support you in defining the most economical approach of keeping spare parts on stock.

Data and Advisory services

Better decision making

ABB AbilityTM Condition Monitoring for powertrains

Provides easy and remote access to condition data from the electrical drivetrain of the turbine while also protecting your employees from operating in harsh environments such as those in the offshore wind farms.

The data can be accessed and analyzed providing deeper insights into the status of your equipment for improved performance and energy efficiency .

You can also hand over the performance tracking of your assets to ABB. Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS) gives you access to a network of remotely located ABB technical experts that proactively monitor your assets, provide regular reports, trigger early warnings and highlight areas for improvement.

Condition assessment

We help to keep your wind turbines operating by offering spare part packages that match your needs and support you in defining the most economical approach of keeping spare parts on stock.

Life-cycle management services for your wind turbines

We will support you in finding the most appropriate lifetime extension (LTE) approach for your wind turbine’s electrical drivetrain based on its condition.

Modernization and Performance Improvement services


Refurbishment is an effective way of restoring wind generators and converters to as-new condition

Lifetime can be extended by up to 15 years with a three-year warranty on the refurbished generator

Refurbishment can significantly cut downtime if a new generator or converter has to be ordered

Performance upgrades

Performance upgrades boost the overall performance of the turbine and enable continuous power production

They enable greater turbine power production, while reducing waste

Use of latest technology improves reliability and safety


ABB replacement generators and converters are built to customer specifications and are fully interchangeable with legacy units

ABB can provide replacement for generators from other manufacturers provided that we have a track record in supplying the particular turbine type

ABB Motion OneCare

Modular service agreement tailored to your needs

ABB Motion OneCare is a customized service agreement to improve your production efficiency and optimize your maintenance operations around your wind turbine generators, converters, motors, and drives.

One tailor-made agreement can flexibly cover a single service, a bundle of desired services, or a transfer of the entire maintenance responsibility to ABB’s service experts. Keeping you in total control.

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