When a motor or generator needs replacing, do it the easy way - contact your local ABB representative.

Replacing existing equipment with a new ABB product is a great investment: the new unit’s superior efficiency and performance can ensure a very short payback time. Whether you select a new motor or generator from our wide range of standard items or choose a tailor made unit, we can generally optimize it to replace your existing equipment.

In most cases we will be able to adapt the electrical designs to make the replacement fully interchangeable with the original. Utilizing our know-how and experience, we can easily provide replacements for third party products.

For the plant operator this helps to minimize the downtime, required site work and risks. An added benefit of a tailor made, fully interchangeable replacement is that you may be able to keep your existing machine as a spare.

We will be pleased to help you evaluate the potential to increase production, reliability and availability as well as decrease energy and maintenance costs with a replacement product from ABB.

Key benefits

  • Expert support in selecting replacement units
  • Option of choosing from standard products, tailor made units and replicas
  • Access to original drawings and specifications for ABB products
  • Option to select based on energy calculations
  • Access to latest technology
  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • Increased reliability, availability and safety

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