Railway traction generators, Technical data

Engine builders are planning high compression, low emission diesel motors to enable environmentally friendly locomotives. This calls for new ideas to cope with the higher torsional vibration levels it leads to. ABB has come up with an innovative solution enabling to use space saving single bearing arrangement, offering smooth operation and extending the maintenance interval and life time. This vibration resistant design needs no additional couplings, enabling locomotive builders to minimize the space requirement.

ABB generators are designed for high performance and reliability in a compact and easily installed unit. The standard mounting configuration is single bearing arrangement and the standard cooling option is forced ventilation in order to optimize the overall size. Design variants are available for operation in extreme conditions. Based on the same generator core, ABB can offer customized solutions for mounting and shaft end configuration and for different ambient conditions, voltage outputs, thermal/insulation classes, and others.

ABB’s state-of-the-art Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) provides high accuracy (+/- 0.25%) and uses Dependable Modbus communications to save both cabling costs and commissioning time. This digital dual channel AVR – which is separately delivered – also allows redundancy.


Technical data of the WGX 500 - 560 pb6 family
Rated power range 1 - 3.3. MW
Nominal output voltage 1200 V
Operating speed range 600 - 1800 rpm (6-pole)
Efficiency > 96.9 %, at 1800 rpm
Ambient temperature range -20…+40°C (max. 1000 m amsl)
Insulation / temperature class H / H (up to c / H)
IM 2405 / single bearing
IM 2401 / double bearing (as option)
Cooling IC17 forced ventilation,
IC01 self ventilation (as option)
Main standard compliance IEC 60034 - IEC 61373
 Certification  IRIS, (International Railway Industry Standard)

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