ABB E-mobility earns EPA’s ENERGY STAR® certification for DC fast chargers

  • Terra DC Wallbox and Terra 184 products covering 20 kW up to 180 kW have earned ENERGY STAR certification
  • ENERGY STAR certified EV chargers use less energy than standard EV chargers, with a lifecycle savings of up to $1,650 per-unit
  • ABB E-mobility’s ENERGY STAR listed chargers are ready to meet California’s and other state’s charging equipment eligibility requirements

ABB E-mobility, a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, today announces that it has received the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR certification for DC fast chargers that range from 20 kW up to 180 kW, including chargers that meet the National Electric Infrastructure Program (NEVI) requirements.

This listing assures EV infrastructure site owners and operators that their charging equipment will meet ENERGY STAR program requirements – from public to fleet charging needs – in a wide range of power options.

Additionally, ABB E-mobility’s ENERGY STAR certified chargers can comply with the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Buy America Act rules, making them a perfect fit for state and federal EV charging programs that value domestic manufacturing and energy efficiency.

  • Terra DC Wallbox and Terra 184 products covering 20 kW up to 180 kW have earned ENERGY STAR certification
  • Terra DC Wallbox and Terra 184 products covering 20 kW up to 180 kW have earned ENERGY STAR certification

ENERGY STAR Certified DC fast chargers support high standards for charging efficiency and standby energy losses, provide energy savings, meet safety requirements, and use Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) for network communications. DC fast chargers that have earned ENERGY STAR certification can support up to 1.5 MWh/year in energy savings, averaging over $1,650 in cost savings during the lifetime of the charging station. All EV charging systems that earn the ENERGY STAR label are tested for safety by a nationally recognized testing laboratory and those tests are third party verified.

“We are excited to see the Terra DC Wallbox and Terra 184 products on the ENERGY STAR list,” stated Ann Bailey, Program Manager, ENERGY STAR Products. “As an industry leader, ABB E-mobility is providing new opportunities to advance energy efficient EV charging nationwide by increasing the availability of certified products for our partners, including states, utilities, and the federal government.

ABB Terra chargers covered by the ENERGY STAR certification include the “all in one” Terra 184, which provides up to 180 kW of power in a compact footprint and can deliver 400 A of high current for faster charging times across more vehicles. Additionally, the Terra DC Wallbox, rated up to 24 kW, meets the needs of lower power DC charging where charging presents load challenges in a facility. Combined, this range of chargers serves a variety of charging site demands, including highway charging, shopping malls, convenience stores, fleets, commercial facilities, school buses, auto dealerships and more.

“As a long-time leader in the DC fast charging industry, ABB E-mobility believes in industry-wide standards and certifications, such as ENERGY STAR, that provide certainty and transparency to the market,” added Bob Stojanovic, Senior Vice President for ABB E-mobility in North America. “Our ongoing efforts to achieve high safety, reliability and efficiency standards illustrate our commitment to the e-mobility industry to offer high uptime, reduced operating costs, and sustainability.”

ABB E-mobility was an early EV industry pioneer in DC fast charging, delivering its first chargers 13 years ago. Within the US, ABB E-mobility has provided many industry-leading charging systems, including the first public CCS1 charger in 2013, the first 150 kW charging system installed in 2017, and the first 350 kW charging systems opened to the public in 2018.  Most recently, ABB E-mobility announced local manufacturing was up and running for these Terra 184 and Terra DC Wallbox products which meet a variety of US domestic preference rules, like the Buy America and Buy American Acts.

ABB E-mobility is enabling zero-emission mobility as a global leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. We are a partner of choice for the world’s biggest EV OEMs and nationwide EV charging network operators, offering the widest portfolio of EV charging solutions from smart chargers for the home to high-power chargers for the highway stations of the future, solutions for the electrification of fleets and charging for electric buses and trucks. With ~1,500 employees around the world, ABB E-mobility has sold more than one million EV chargers across more than 85 markets, including over 50,000 DC fast chargers.


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