BL GMD presented solution for predictive maintenance of large mill drives

The conference brought together important representatives of the mining industry at regional and local levels, highlighting the latest technological advances and their solutions for the demands of today's market.

The 2nd Mining Tech Summit aimed to catch up on the latest technological developments in the mining area, address common problems within the industry, and offer solutions from different perspectives to meet the demands of the mining sector.

Jesus Perez, Product Marketing Manager Grinding South America at ABB, participated in the summit as a spokesperson for the company. He presented ABB's commitment to providing a digitalized solution for the predictive maintenance of SAG mill and ball mill drives called ABB Ability™ Predictive Maintenance for Grinding.

"We recognize that users of SAG mill and ball mill drives need to achieve high OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), requiring them to make decisions based on reliable data and analysis, sometimes even on a daily basis. With this challenge in mind, ABB has developed ABB Ability™ Predictive Maintenance for Grinding, which offers continuous monitoring of the critical assets involved in mill grinding operations," explained Jesus Perez.

The ABB representative emphasized that the development of this solution is based on the constant demands observed from several customers. "Through ABB Ability™ Predictive Maintenance for Grinding, all our customers will have easy access to their large SAG and ball mill drives, streamlining decision-making with real-time data that reflects their actual operations. This tool is not just theoretical but highly personalized for each user," added Jesus Perez.

The conference successfully celebrated its second edition with exhibitions focused on digital transformation, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and automation.

"This meeting undoubtedly provides an opportunity to discuss topics beyond the day-to-day mining operations. It allows us to understand the challenges of the mining industry, as well as the solutions, alliances, and collaborative efforts being developed by various suppliers and users in this and other industries. By showcasing examples and success cases, these technological solutions employing artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc., can undoubtedly prove highly valuable for the important Chilean mining industry and the region," said Jesus Perez, Product Marketing Manager Grinding South America at ABB.


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