From AI to the Amazon: ABB’s award-winning Robot Podcast returns for fourth season

From AI to the Amazon: ABB’s award-winning Robot Podcast returns for fourth season

A weekly panel of experts from across industry, media and academia will discuss how robots are bringing new benefits to industry, healthcare and the environment.

Building on the success of the previous three seasons, The Robot Podcast from ABB is returning for a six-episode Season Four this summer.

Part of the ABB Decoded series of podcasts, The Robot Podcast has been awarded the Lovie Award – Gold for podcasts and ‘Best long-term use of content’ in the Corporate Content Awards.

Sticking to its winning formula, the fourth series continues with an in-depth exploration of the world of robotics and automation, focusing on the benefits and opportunities that robots can bring in applications across industry, healthcare, and environmental preservation.

Fran Scott, a regular contributor to the UK’s BBC and Channel 4 , returns as host. “I’m delighted we are back for Season Four and looking at some cutting-edge innovations that robots make possible,” said Scott.  From factories to healthcare and the environment, robots are playing an increasing role in all aspects of our lives and making a difference across society.”

The new season kicks off with Episode One on June 21st, covering ‘AI Robotics and the Cutting Edge’. The episode looks at how AI and Edge computing are continuing to help improve robot operations, bringing real time processing and learning to robots to allow faster responses in complex situations.  In the premier episode, ABB’s President of Robotics & Discrete Automation, Dr. Sami Atiya, charts the rise and development of AI, from Second World War code-breaking, to today’s advances in generative AI, what it means for us today and what the future may bring. 

Across six episodes, experts will discuss a variety of topics – Factory of the Future; Robotics in Healthcare; Robotics at the Extremes; and Automating the Amazon.

As with previous, the season will conclude with a Season Highlights roundup, looking at all the areas discussed in the previous podcasts.

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