Energy transition becomes more viable with ABB’s simulator solutions

ABB Process Power Simulator supplements studies, operator training and supports energy transition to green hydrogen

Global energy demand is rising with the exponential increase in population coupled with a higher standard of living. Decarbonization alongside a just energy transition, has become the need of the hour. This has promted industrial companies to look for alternate and sustainable sources of energy like green hydrogen (H₂) to improve their carbon footprint and meet their climate action goals.

Green hydrogen is an important element of the energy mix to minimize global carbon emissions. The current energy transition is creating new challenges for operators, such as addressing different designs, managing variable-load operations, and building business cases that optimize costs. Reducing costs without sacrificing operational performance and compliance is essential to maximizing the value of hydrogen operations. 

Real-time simulation to advance the energy transition

The ABB Process Power Simulator (PPSim)  provides a unique study value to companies through dynamic power system simulations. These are possible throughout the project lifecycle, from the early design stage through operational support.

The PPSim can be combined with a replica of the plant’s electrical control system to create an accurate real-world environment to expose operators to situations and circumstances they may never experience during day-to-day operations. Gaining such real-time insights through simulation allows customers to optimize plant productivity and enhance performance.

The product simulates steady state and system dynamic responses for voltages, currents, frequencies, and power flows. PPSim is able to detect compliance-related issues, identify performance-related issues and manage power consumption. In addition, it can exchange data with full dynamic process models, while visualizing equipment dynamics for typical electrical components and interfaces.

As decarbonization continues to grab the spotlight in energy discussions, solutions like ABB’s PPSim, which helps customers to evaluate alternatives, improve visibility, gain agility and mitigate risk, will continue to be a key contributor to the energy transition story.

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