ABB’s program accelerates green transition with partners

ABB’s program accelerates green transition with partners

In the Green Electrification 2035 program, ABB opens its software platforms for frequency converters and grid control to strive for carbon neutrality with partners.

The goal of the program is to build ecosystems that strive for carbon neutrality, for example in the hydrogen economy and urban energy supply.

The frequency converter technology developed by ABB in Finland allows the speed of electric motors to be adjusted continuously. This has significantly reduced global energy consumption over recent decades. The same technology can also be used in other ways as we move towards an increasingly electrifying, carbon-neutral world. By modifying the software alone, the same inverters can control the supply of electrical power to heat pumps or hydrogen generating electrolysers, for example.

The systems used to control electricity networks and process industry equipment have traditionally been closed. In the Green Electrification 2035 program, ABB offers two of its key application platforms to partners and development partners. One of these is our system for the protection and control of the power grid, while the other is our platform for the control of frequency inverters.

In future versions of these platforms, device manufacturers and application developers will be able to build their own applications with ABB components to meet the ever-evolving needs of industry and power distribution.

The aim of the platform opening is to sow the seeds for the development of new ecosystems. Finland’s journey to a carbon-neutral country by 2035 requires a huge amount of new and inventive ways to use ABB’s energy-saving technology in various industries, from energy production to its use in industry, transport and public infrastructure. ABB cannot do this development work alone. Research institutes, product development partners, and commercial applications of energy-saving technology are required.

The electricity network adapts to future needs

With software and open communication interfaces, industrial processes and power distribution systems can be made more flexible. It is easier to adapt the open system to new requirements when the production process changes, or local generation is connected to the electricity grid. Such a mindset is familiar from the app stores of mobile apps. Naturally, the demands of industrial systems on cybersecurity and the required millisecond response times are more demanding than in consumer applications. 

ABB’s Green Electrification 2035 is Business Finland’s program that started at the beginning of 2021. This program has advanced rapidly, and the network of partners has expanded beyond expectations. Simo Säynevirta, the project’s ecosystem lead, is holding discussions with potential partners. For example, meeting urban carbon neutrality targets requires close cooperation between cities, energy producers, network companies, and technology suppliers. It’s my responsibility to organize the co-development projects approved in the program into functional entities and to involve ABB’s own organization, especially product development, in the projects.

The open application platform being developed by ABB can be utilized in cutting emissions from steel production as well as in other applications of the future hydrogen economy. For example, ABB is involved in SSAB’s Fossil-free Steel research project, published in June 2021. This project aims to develop a fossil-free steel production process. Similarly, in the Neste e-Fuel project, ABB’s technology is applied to the production process of climate-neutral electric power.

Become a partner

In the recently completed Business Finland partnership application round, ABB received many new project applications for our Green Electrification 2035 program. In the upcoming application rounds, we hope to see more companies boldly bringing a new mindset and fresh business models to the industry. For example, cutting urban emissions requires commercial application providers who are able to build an attractive service from energy-saving technologies.

ABB also welcomes project proposals from different ecosystem partners from all over the world, such as ABB’s current and new product development partners, and developers of new business ecosystems. We will also continue our close research cooperation with universities and higher education institutions.

For more information and to contact, please have a look at the Green Electrification website at

When the project is nearing completion in four years, a wide range of our partner companies will apply ABB’s new technology platforms to meet the needs of a variety of customers. Together with our ecosystem partners, we can use ABB’s energy-saving inverter technology in unprecedented new applications, for example. Pilot projects and specific experiments reveal the most effective means for our joint journey towards a carbon-neutral society.

About the author: Petri Hovila


Petri Hovila is working as a senior principal engineer in ABB Electrification, Distribution Solutions and is responsible for research programs. He is also the program manager for the Green Electrification 2035 program. He has authored or co-authored a number of conference papers and is a co-inventor in several patent applications.


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