ABB launches new generation of power quality and energy storage solutions

ABB launches new generation of power quality and energy storage solutions

ABB Ability™ enabled multi-functional products improve grid stability, power quality and energy efficiency for increasingly complex grids

ABB introduced its new multi-functional power quality and energy storage solution designed to mitigate a range of power quality problems for electrical networks.

Modern electrical networks continue to grow in complexity due to significant investments in Distributed Energy Resources (DER) like wind and solar which contribute larger portion of the energy mix. Additionally, large data centers, electric vehicles charging and high-speed railways are growing as energy consumers. This diversity of both sources and demand presents challenges for producers and consumers of electricity to maintain grid stability along with network power quality.

Conventional solutions based on passive technologies, such as capacitor banks and tuned harmonic filters, provide a fixed amount of compensation, or filtering of harmonics or “electrical pollution”. However, to be able to manage the complex requirements of an ever-evolving grid, more agile “active” technologies are needed.

Active technologies based on power electronics, enables variable, fast, smooth and accurate compensation for power quality problems, such as varying power factor, multiple order of harmonics and unbalanced loading. Products that employ active technology are more compact in size, making them ideal for applications where space is scarce or costly.

ABB’s new portfolio comprises five solutions: PQflexC – variable reactive power controller; PQdynaC - ultra-fast reactive power and unbalance controller; PQactiF - active harmonic filter; and PQStorI - battery storage inverter with power quality functions. Finally, PQoptiM controls and monitors power quality parameters. The product family is further enabled by ABB Ability™ to allow the devices to be operated and controlled via cloud-connected user platforms to enable real-time access of data.

ABB Ability is the company’s unified, cross-industry digital offering that extends from device to cloud and connects customers to the Industrial Internet of Things. With devices, services systems, solutions, services and a digital platform that provide data insight, it is possible to know more, do more and improve overall operations.



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