Watania Steel chooses ABB’s High Dynamic Performance motors for new wire rod mill

Watania Steel chooses ABB’s High Dynamic Performance motors for new wire rod mill

Saudi Arabia-based steelmaker Watania has selected ABB High Dynamic Performance (HDP) motors for critical applications in its new wire rod mill. The motors meet tough requirements for high output and high torque in smaller frame sizes. Watania also values ABB’s local presence, with technical support and service available close to the plant.

Watania Steel’s state-of-the-art plant in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, manufactures reinforcing bars (rebar) and billets. The products are 100% made from scrap metal. A major expansion project is currently under way to construct a new mill adjacent to the existing plant. This will add wire rod to the product portfolio and boost total capacity from 300,000 to 750,000 tonnes per year.

The new plant extension will produce wire rod in a high speed block mill. This application requires motors that not only provide high power and high torque but can also be mounted in a very restricted space. Motors from another vendor were previously used by the block mill OEM, but these motors did not have sufficient power density to drive the application correctly. Watania therefore approached ABB, looking for an alternative that can provide the necessary output and torque.

Very good match with the application

“We worked closely with ABB’s technical experts to evaluate the requirements,” says Manas Panda, Head of Electrical at Watania Steel. “ABB suggested HDP motors for the new block mill, and they are a very good match with the demands of this application. The block mill is critical for the overall operation of the plant, and we are pleased that we can get technical support and service from a supplier that is so local to us.”

“We went through all the specifications in great detail,” says Omer Mekki, Senior Sales Specialist at ABB in Saudi Arabia. “HDP motors are a perfect fit for driving the laying head and high speed pinch roll in block mills. They provide high outputs and high torque in smaller frame sizes. Their compact design means they will fit into the process equipment without the need for any mechanical changes.”

ABB’s High Dynamic Performance motors
ABB’s High Dynamic Performance motors

Robust, reliable and service-friendly

HDP motors are based on well-proven induction technology, and they are robust, reliable and service-friendly. ABB supplies a full range of HDP motors from 2 kW up to 2 MW. Watania’s order covers eight HDP motors rated from 28.4 to 345 kW, with delivery scheduled for the last quarter of 2023. The motors can be customized with a wide range of options, and Watania’s motors will include PTC temperature sensors in the windings and bearings, space heaters and pulse encoders.

Watania Steel is committed to high quality and its products meet the requirements of Saudi (SASO), ISO and British standards. The Riyadh plant was established in 2008, currently employs around 400 personnel and supplies to the engineering and construction sectors. The new plant extension is due to commence production in late 2023.


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