NESTRO dedusters take energy efficiency to the next level with ABB SynRM motors and drives

NESTRO dedusters take energy efficiency to the next level with ABB SynRM motors and drives

New-generation mobile dedusters from German company NESTRO are the first in the world to offer IE5 SynRM motors as standard. Users can save up to 22 per cent in energy costs compared to conventional equipment.

NESTRO dedusters are utilized in industrial processes to extract dust. They are used in industries like wood processing, plastics, metal, building materials, paper, and corrugated board, as well as in the waste disposal and recycling sectors.

Launched in 2022, the NE J series represents NESTRO’s latest mobile dust extractors. These compact, low-noise units are approved for installation in workshops, ensuring clean, dust-free air in production areas. The higher performance models in the series incorporate ABB IE5 ultra-premium efficiency SynRM motor and drive packages.

Up to 22 percent lower energy costs

"As a result of our close cooperation with ABB, we are the first manufacturer in the world to offer dedusters with IE5 SynRM motors as standard," says Till Uhle, Director Marketing & Sales of NESTRO. “The motors are controlled by frequency converters, ensuring they always run at their optimal operating point. With this state-of-the-art technology, users can save up to 22 percent in energy costs compared to conventional dust extractors with IE3 motors.”

"Introducing SynRM motors also gave us an opportunity to optimize the fan geometry for a perfect match with this motor type,” he adds. “Overall, our new NE J series achieves the lowest energy consumption per unit of performance, together with improved reliability, a longer service life, and significantly reduced noise emissions. An additional benefit of SynRM motors is their compact size, which makes mounting arrangements straightforward."

IE5 motor and drive packages

“The matched packages we supply to NESTRO consist of an IE5 SynRM motor and an ACS580 frequency converter,” says André Kostov, Sales Engineer of ABB in Germany. “SynRM motors combine the performance of permanent magnet motors with the simplicity of induction motors. They don’t have windings or magnets in the rotor – so they do not have rare earth components – and there are no rotor losses, which makes them highly efficient. They also generate less heat, making them more reliable than induction motors, and they produce less noise.”

  • Till Uhle, Marketing and Sales Manager at NESTRO, says that users can save up to 22 percent in energy costs with NE J dedusters compared to conventional dust extractors with IE3 motors. (Source: NESTRO)
  • The ABB high efficiency packages consist of an optimally matched IE5 SynRM motor and ACS580 frequency converter. (Source: NESTRO)

Sustainable solutions

The significant energy savings made possible by the ABB motors and drives are an important factor for NESTRO, which is a longstanding advocate of greater energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental protection.

NESTRO’s decision to use ABB technology was based on a thorough evaluation which put motors from four manufacturers through their paces. An ABB sales engineer was present to provide support during the tests. The results confirmed the savings potential available with ABB's IE5 SynRM motors. NESTRO therefore switched to ABB motors from its previous solution, which consisted of complete fan/motor units. The company has already been using ABB frequency converters for more than ten years.

Since their introduction, NE J series dedusters have received a great deal of interest among the target market of small and medium-sized enterprises. An important factor in this success is the energy-efficient motor and drive solution, which not only promotes sustainability but also enables users to make major savings on electricity.

NESTRO Lufttechnik GmbH is based in Schkölen, around 50 kilometers southeast of Leipzig, Germany. The company was founded in 1977 and is family owned and operated. Today, NESTRO is one of Europe’s leading system specialists for extraction and filter technology. More than 300 employees develop and produce systems to customer specifications at three sites in Germany, Poland and Hungary.


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