ABB EL Belux Partner Event 2023

ABB EL Belux Partner Event 2023

Let’s reflect on the importance to connect with clients

A little while ago Electrification Belux held its Partner Event at Living Tomorrow in Vilvoorde.

With the Innovation Campus as decor we had the chance to showcase our products used in the different areas of the new building. As well as the opportunity to reconnect with their clients.  

After a nice welcome coffee, we invited the attendees to take a seat and enjoy keynote sessions of our colleagues, revolving about our vision, our innovations and solutions we offer, about the past and the future and our collaboration. Ann Wauters, a professional basketball player, joined us to wrap up the info session. She had great insights about the future of teamwork, how it plays a role in sports, and how to visualize your ambitions and goals.   After a little break the guests had the opportunity to go on a tour exploring the new building, getting a customized visit in groups where the guides from Living Tomorrow provided detailed information about their vision for the future and the different zones within the tour, and our ABB colleagues filled in with more practical solutions linked to our products.  

To finalize the day we held a reception with a nice dinner and networking moment. The participants went home with a little departing gift to remember us and the event, but most importantly to remember the insights we provided on the day.  

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