ABB chosen for water management solution by Greek municipality through ongoing Intrakat contract

ABB chosen for water management solution by Greek municipality through ongoing Intrakat contract

A fully integrated solution from ABB will enable network-wide effective management, enhancing the quality and reliability of potable water in Greece’s Andravida-Kyllini region

The local water and wastewater utility in Andravida-Kyllini Municipality is embarking on a significant modernization project to elevate the efficiency and reliability of its potable water distribution network. This project is driven by the collaboration between ABB and Intrakat, an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firm in the renewable energy and waste management sectors in Greece. The 354-square-kilometer municipality, located in the western part of Greece, is known for its agricultural and fishing industries, as well as tourism.

A fully integrated solution makes the difference

ABB’s fully integrated solution selected for this project exploits best-in-class technologies to drive efficient water usage and network management from field operations, combining physical assets of water infrastructure management with advanced digital features. The scope includes automation, instrumentation, cabinets and drives.

As part of the integrated solution, the water network modelling suite MIKE+ was provided by DHI A/S, a leading digitally enabled advisory company working with water. ABB and DHI signed a global partnership agreement in 2021, joining forces to create smarter, more sustainable water management solutions. In the Andravida-Kyllini Municipality project, DHI’s leak monitoring feature MIKE, will help to quickly detect network leakages to secure better efficiency.

“The project will elevate water quality and curb leakages by identifying them in time, via monitoring network pressure and flow,” said Ιoannis Lentzas, mayor ofAndravida-Kyllini Municipality. “Furthermore, by scrutinizing chlorine levels, we will greatly improve the quality of potable water. This will give us a more resilient water network, improve efficiency and reduce costs.”


Increasing the water cycle efficiency

In addition to its impact on water infrastructure management, ABB's technologies will enhance operational efficiency. By optimizing water management and reducing leakages through intelligent detection and monitoring, energy consumption will also be improved. This approach supports ABB's commitment to promote sustainability and facilitate the transition towards more energy-efficient practices.

“As Greece and neighboring Mediterranean nations tackle water infrastructure challenges, this project underscores the importance of fully integrated solutions in revitalizing water infrastructure,” said John Kokotos, Local Division Manager at ABB Energy Industries. “In this integrated approach, automation plays an important role to secure stable, consistent water supply and enhance non-revenue water management without requiring an overhaul of the municipality’s aging systems”.

ABB’s Energy Industries team in Greece plans to commission the Andravida-Kyllini Municipality project in the 1st quarter of 2024. The upgrade is scheduled for completion by the end of 2024.


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