ABB Ability™ Mobile Connect helps PTTS bring value and peace of mind to Indonesian customers

ABB Ability™ Mobile Connect helps PTTS bring value and peace of mind to Indonesian customers

ABB authorized partner Prima Tekindo Tirta Sejahtera (PTTS) has adopted ABB Ability Mobile Connect to speed up drive testing and commissioning services with the help of remote access. In Indonesia, a vast country with 3 time zones, the ability to solve problems quickly in customers’ business-critical applications – without the need to visit the customer site – has been warmly welcomed.

PTTS is an Indonesian engineering company with a strong focus on water pump and lifting equipment applications. The company provides installation and repair services for drives and other equipment in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. PTTS has been an ABB Value Partner since 2019.

“We decided to start using ABB Ability Mobile Connect for drives to offer greater added value for our customers,” says Mulyadi, General Manager, PTTS. “The response has been very positive. With this tool customers see ABB as being more than a product supplier. They see this as a real breakthrough.”

ABB Ability™ Mobile Connect for drives is a platform for remote drive support consisting of the Mobile Connect web portal on partner’s end and the Drivetune mobile app on drive user’s end. The platform allows ABB service partners like PTTS to provide remote commissioning and troubleshooting support for personnel on-site without any complex connectivity infrastructure. All that is needed is a drive panel with Bluetooth capability and a compatible mobile device.

Reducing cost and saving time

PTTS customers no longer need to call in a technician every time a drive needs attention, particularly in the case of minor parameter adjustments or other simple tasks. For instance, the pump curve for the flow calculation can be adjusted. This means customers who do not have a flow meter installed can get a flow rate estimation from the drive.

The customer’s engineer uses the ABB Drivetune mobile app to connect to the drive via Bluetooth. The PTTS engineer can connect to the same drive using the ABB Ability Mobile Connect to provide expert support, contacting ABB for additional support when needed.

PTTS commissions and fine-tunes drives such as the ABB ACQ580 and ACS880 on its customers’ behalf. Sending a technician to the site means extra cost and takes time. With ABB Ability Mobile Connect many tasks and troubleshooting activities can be performed remotely.

“Whereas before a task could take two to three days including traveling, induction, and the work itself, now we can complete tasks in as little as 30 minutes using ABB Ability Mobile Connect. I would estimate that 80% of the time we can solve issues remotely,” says Mulyadi, PTTS.

This kind of rapid-response capability brings a competitive edge for PTTS, helping the company to win new business and provide even better support to existing customers.

Peace of mind with a complete package

When PTTS sells a drive and commissioning services, ABB Ability Mobile Connect is a way to offer additional peace of mind. “We can offer the drive, the commissioning services to get it ready, and now, the peace of mind that comes with rapid response too,” says Mulyono, PTTS.

Prima Tekindo Tirta Sejahtera (PTTS), ABB authorized partner team
Prima Tekindo Tirta Sejahtera (PTTS), ABB authorized partner team

For example, PTTS serves customers in the food and beverage industry, where unplanned production stops due to equipment issues can be costly. They also serve customers that use drives in lifting-equipment applications, where the equipment performs a critical role in production processes.

The company also works with drives used in HVACR applications. An example of this is upgrading a chiller pump from star-delta configuration to a VSD system, which reduces inrush current and improves energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption based on load.

Regardless of the drive application, any issues need to be dealt with swiftly to keep processes running smoothly. This is where ABB Ability Mobile Connect is really paying off for PTTS.

“A failed pump or compressor can mean production grinds to a halt,” explains Mulyono, Director, PTTS. “If we can solve a drive problem remotely within, say, an hour it can save a customer a huge amount of time and money. The equipment that uses ABB drives is often a critical part of their process.”


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