Everyday heroes modernizing our world

Everyday heroes modernizing our world

The global demand for electricity grows every day. And while new technology and digital innovation bring exciting new possibilities, they also bring new challenges that existing systems may not be equipped for.   

This is where ABB’s Electrification Service division comes in. This global team comprises more than 3,000 service experts with a shared passion for sustainability, innovation and technology. From delivering personalised care and advice, to knowing when the next problem will arise well before it does, they help customers and partners modernizes for a greener tomorrow. These people are writing the future of smart, safe electrification. We call them ABB everyday heroes.

Upgrading for more efficient power

The Service team’s main objective is to keep electrical assets operating at peak performance levels so that customers can access clean, efficient power every day.  Johnie Watkins is a Senior Field Engineer from North Carolina, USA, who makes this possible.

Johnie leads a team of engineers to deliver the best possible outcomes for customers, and trouble often arises where he needs to be on-site at all hours to make sure customer sites are operating. “One of our customers has me on speed-dial,” he adds.  

He has been working at ABB for 19 years and brings his passion and dedication for his work to ABB customers every single day. “In a nutshell, my job is to keep the power on for customers,” says Johnie.

On-site, Johnie works with protective relay systems and automation for switchgears. His knowledge and expertise, combined with ABB Electrification’s extensive services, means he can help customers to maximise energy efficiency, extend their equipment lifespan, and reduce the risk of costly downtime.  

“We find solutions to upgrade the equipment and make it more efficient. We always do certain maintenance procedures and testing in a repetitive motion to make sure we get it right.”  

“For me ABB is a lot like football – it’s teamwork. Every person has their role,” he adds. “The pride in my work is that the customer is satisfied and happy.”

Improved reliability through service  

One state over in Indiana, USA, Brandon Morgan delivers reliable power by going above and beyond for his customers.  


Brandon is a Senior Field Service Engineer who has maintained ABB’s close relationship with the team at Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) in Lafayette, Indiana for 21 years. He cares for SIA’s equipment – from installation to end of life – in a safe, sustainable way, and makes the effort to get to know his customers beyond just their nine-to-five.  

“Being willing to answer the phone at any hour of the day or night to help customers with their problem goes a long way. When the customer’s been down, they call us in, and we come in to get them back up and running,” says Brandon.

By taking a partnership approach with SIA, Brandon and his team improve the availability and reliability of all their electrical products.

One of Brandon’s jobs at the Lafayette auto-manufacturing plant is to maintain their server which communicates with all other substation metres. It logs all amps, volts, data, energy, and trends it for the customer.   

“What I love about my work is the variety and challenge. One day I could be working on a 138 kg transformer circuit switcher, and the next day I’m designing a fibre network for a power monitoring system.”

“This field we’re in is constantly changing,” adds Brandon. “You just can’t stop learning.”

Adding value with advisory services  

Anil Wagh, Engineering Manager for ABB Electrification Service in Nasik, India, takes pride in solving problems for his customers. He is part of ABB’s global network of engineers and advisors who harness smart thinking and innovative technologies to recommend business decisions that meet our customers’ evolving needs.  


“ABB has given me many opportunities to advise customers, and also to learn from them,” says Anil. “Here I have the freedom to study and learn about ABB’s new high-end technologies and also provide technical solutions to customers.”

“I feel like a hero when I can help our customers avoid shutdowns and reduce costs,” adds Anil.

Anil collaborates with customers and front- and back-end sales and operations colleagues to take the efficiency and reliability of electrical assets to the next level through extensions, retrofits and upgrades.  

“With our IS-Limiter solution, we can retrofit existing equipment and limit short circuits to within five to 10 milliseconds – so customers know there is always power available. Retrofits are a crucial means of modernizing electrical assets," says Anil.

Safety is another critical element of Anil’s work. “We provide the solutions to ensure safety of the customers, personnel and the operators working in the switchgear rooms. Our service means customers can run their electrical substations smoothly and reliably.”  

It’s because of everyday heroes like Johnie, Brandon and Anil that ABB customers can rely on good service and availability of power, maximize their productivity and energy efficiency, reduce costs – and go on to modernize our world in a smarter, more sustainable way.

Hear more from Johnie, Brandon and Anil by visiting solutions.abb/service-heroes


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