Uninterrupted multi-family projects begin with ABB's modular metering solutions

Uninterrupted multi-family projects begin with ABB's modular metering solutions

  • With ReliaMod™, ABB expands its residential offering to satisfy high demand and help contractors get projects done more quickly
  • ReliaMod offers the shortest lead time in the industry, signaling ABB’s robust manufacturing capacity and residential-focused team that is poised to help customers complete projects on time
  • ReliaMod is designed with a host of easy installation product features to give customers maximum flexibility, help contractors work faster, and provide the broadest range of application capabilities

In the U.S., the multi-family segment has been growing rapidly since 2021, placing greater demand on residential products for flexible, time-saving solutions. ABB’s ReliaMod™ Modular Metering offering helps satisfy this demand and offers up to 40% reduced lead times to help complete installations faster.

Modular metering is used for residential and commercial applications where individual units, such as apartments, condos, or office suites need to be metered.

ABB’s ReliaMod Modular Metering offering includes:

  • Main modules: The single point of incoming power and overcurrent protection.
  • Meter stack modules: Commonly bussed meter sockets with branch circuit protection. Meter Stacks are designed to connect with main modules and other meter stacks.
  • Industry-leading circuit breakers: Multiple tenant circuit breakers with different amperages.
  • A full line of accessories: Everything from elbows to surge protection and spacers.

ReliaMod offers contractors greater flexibility, scalability, and ease of installation. ReliaMod is built with innovative features such as, in-field meter module phase balancing, fast cover removal, and quick ganging enclosures, helping contractors reduce installation time.

This new offering also benefits electrical distributors as the growth of the multi-family housing sector is expected to continue. Distributors depend on manufacturers to help streamline supply to serve this segment and offer support and training on products to simplify sales to their customers. ABB’s innovative, complete product portfolio and increased investment in this sector make it a reliable, one-stop manufacturer to help streamline supply with products that are easy to order, sell, and support.

“The ReliaMod Modular Metering system is the latest example of ABB’s capacity expansion to meet electrification needs in the U.S., which is especially exciting given the supply chain challenges for multi-family construction in recent years,” said Catherine Daubert, Product Marketing Director for ABB Smart Buildings. “Combined with ABB’s recent investments in smarter home solutions, including our acquisition of Eve Systems and investment in Lumin, we are ensuring that there are no gaps in our residential portfolio.”

Note: Confirm lead times before placing an order, as they may fluctuate based on demand.

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