Centralized protection and control brings scalability and flexibility in digital substations

  • ABB showcases new virtualized protection and control solution at DISTRIBUTECH 2024
  • ABB’s SSC600 SW is a standalone software option offering hardware-agnostic compatibility, helping customers maximize asset utilization
  • The solution drives reliability and sustainability, optimizing the increasing digitalization of substations

ABB will showcase the first virtualized protection and control solution with Smart Substation Control and Protection SSC600 SW at DISTRIBUTECH International, a leading annual transmission and distribution event. DISTRIBUTECH takes place in Orlando, Florida, February 26-29.

SSC600 SW allows utility customers to use the hardware of their choice and gain access to the same proven protection and control functionality as with ABB’s turnkey solution. In 2018, ABB introduced this innovative approach to protection and control (P&C) in distribution networks, where all the P&C functionality is centralized into one single device. One SSC600 device can handle the tasks of 30 protection relays. Centralizing this functionality in the substation reduces network complexity and supports optimal, lifelong asset management and up to 15 percent savings in substation life cycle costs.

With virtualization, one server can become many virtual machines and replace the traditional ‘one computer, one application’ model. As users can merge more functionalities onto fewer physical devices, they are able to reduce the amount of space and management needed. Virtualization allows operators to get the most out of their hardware, while also cutting costs and achieving greater efficiency.

“As a partner to the utility industry, ABB offers unparalleled grid expertise from a team dedicated to helping our customers achieve their goals, from advancing reliability and resilience to reducing emissions and preventing outages,” said John Hayter, Vice President of Utilities Market, ABB Electrification. “The SSC600 SW is an excellent example of ABB innovations blending physical services and solutions with next-level digitization to power new levels of performance.”

At DISTRIBUTECH Booth #2142, visitors can experience ABB products and services that enable safer, smarter and more sustainable operations for the utility industry. Products on display include:

  • Grid Hardening Reclosers
  1. Full range of medium voltage reclosers designed to enhance reliability and mitigate outages with the increasing demands on power distribution, including a new specialty recloser for areas subjected to high winds and storms.
  2. Advanced, self-powered reclosers strengthen the aging power infrastructure against rising demands and climate impacts.
  • Digital Solutions for the Clean Energy Transition
  1. The clean energy transition requires a fundamental transformation of power systems, including much higher levels of digitalization across all grid domains, from generation to transmission and distribution to end-use.
  2. Digitalization boosts grid resilience, increases renewable energy integration, drives down costs and enables universal access to clean electricity.
  3. Remote solutions continuously analyze asset conditions and energy demands and provide insights to help minimize costs and risk and maximize performance and safety across operations.
  • EV Grid-to-Charger Simulator
  1. See the electrical equipment and estimated utility service needed for nearly any combination of electric vehicle charging requirements.
  2. The smartest lineup from any source to any EV charger. Optimize the demand from EVs by selecting the right equipment and digital load management solution.
  • Elastimold™ Solid Dielectric Switchgear
  1. Continuous operation and increased reliability for your distribution grid.
  2. Requires virtually no maintenance as it contains no oil or SF6 gas, reducing total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the switchgear. ​

Expert-Led Learning for Future Energy Leaders

For the second year, ABB is a lead sponsor of the DISTRIBUTECH Future Energy Leaders (FEL) program, through which students currently pursuing Engineering or Computer Science degrees attend sessions and courses based on timely topics in the industry, take advantage of networking opportunities, and more.

Learn more about ABB’s solutions, speakers and networking opportunities at DISTRIBUTECH at https://electrification.us.abb.com/distributech-2024.

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