New service contract supports data center uptime

New service contract supports data center uptime

ABB Electrification Service is working with a flagship data center to lower operating costs and provide 24/7 critical cover to support uptime

ABB has partnered with one of Germany’s largest data centers to offer around the clock support and guaranteed fixed servicing costs for four years through a tailored Power Care agreement.

The data center's vast 28,000m² facility boasts more than 60MW of IT load and has around 1500 circuit breakers across eight buildings. With 99.999% power uptime availability, it requires robust contingency planning to maintain services in the event of equipment failure.

In addition to lowering operating costs and CO2 emissions, the agreement enables the data center to become more resilient by providing around-the-clock emergency cover.

The servicing contract includes full maintenance for each of the 1500 on site circuit breakers. It provides 24/7 customer service support, certified field engineer call-out within 24 hours and a tailored ongoing maintenance program.

Dominik Duenschmann of ABB Electrification Service, said: “Circuit breaker maintenance is critical to ongoing operational efficiency and this is a true partnership approach whereby we act as an extension of the team to perform this highly specialized and complex service.

“It’s a great example of how organizations are using our world class solutions to optimize the availability, reliability and profitability of essential electrical assets and deliver quick and cost effective solutions to improve business continuity.”

With a maximum of 90MVA, the data center offers complete solutions for housing IT and network systems in a secure, high availability environment. The physical and technical infrastructure is supported by 2N UPS systems, N+1 generator backup, as well as highly redundant cooling systems for each data center building.

Supported by remote and digital solutions, ABB Power Care gives plant and operations managers instant information, ensures rapid support in emergency situations and minimizes risks of failure and unsafe operating conditions. For more information, please visit:


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