Smart move: intelligent home automation in Finland

Smart move: intelligent home automation in Finland

ABB-free@home® smart automation solution takes living comfort, safety, and energy efficiency to a whole new level as part of an exciting apartment renovation project in northern Finland.

Imagine a home where devices and appliances are all connected through one centralized system that saves you money, time, and energy. Picture being able to monitor and control everything from washing machines to security systems with a single app across your mobile devices for comfort and convenience.

In Finland – consistently ranked among the world’s top countries for technology innovation1 – that vision is closer to becoming a reality thanks to a penthouse apartment renovation project in the city of Rovaniemi.

The owner was inspired to increase the ‘smartness’ of his property as part of an electrical overhaul. When Jarkko Ruokanen of local electrical contractor Sähkökela Oy heard he was interested in home automation, he immediately suggested the ABB-free@home® system to his client due to its ease of use and scalability.

“I use the same system in my own home,” Ruokanen said. “It is convenient to install in renovation projects and is also easy to use. Based on my experience, I find that ABB-free@home® is very secure and reliable.”

Simply smart: ABB-free@home® and ABB-Welcome

Whether blinds, lights, temperature, or door communication, ABB-free@home® transforms houses or apartments into intelligent homes with easy remote control via a wall panel, a laptop, or a smartphone.

In addition, ABB-Welcome door entry systems, which seamlessly merge with ABB-free@home®, enable home entrance areas including gates and front or entrance doors to be conveniently connected to mobile phones so that calls at the door can be responded to, and access can be granted remotely via an app.

ABB-Welcome IP system offers HD video communication capabilities, catering to external, internal, and remote monitoring needs for residential and commercial buildings. This intuitive solution allows for seamless control of every entrance, whether it is a single house, multi-apartment, or commercial building, all managed remotely via a single app.

With the help of ABB-free@home®, Ruokanen says, it is relatively easy to renovate even a single apartment building into a modern, smart one at minimal cost compared to conventional electrical installations.

“Of course, the importance of the electrical designer is paramount in such renovation projects,” he mentioned. “It is important that the designer understands the requirements of the home automation system and plans the electrical installation so that it is easy to expand the system in the future as well.”

Open for future system expansions

ABB-free@home® is also designed to respond to clients’ future wishes. “New features and applications will certainly come to the residents' mind when they notice how easy it is to work with the system,” added Ruokanen.

For example, voice control can be connected to ABB-free@home®, while in the rooftop apartment in Rovaniemi, the smart system is now controlled with ABB SmartTouch 10’’ a larger, user-friendly 10-inch screen.

"Using the larger screen feels incredibly intuitive and offers smoother navigation compared to the 4.3-inch screen I used previously," observed Ruokanen. "With its expanded size, the screen adapts effortlessly to various scenarios, ensuring that actions like swiping require minimal time and effort."

Safety first

In the beautifully renovated penthouse, home automation was meticulously designed to elevate living comfort. For instance, the ABB-free@home® system seamlessly controls the apartment's lighting. Leveraging personal expertise from the resident, who works in the lighting industry, customized settings were expertly programmed using ABB's home automation system. Concerning safety, a thoughtful feature ensures that power is automatically cut off from sockets located in the apartment's breakfast cupboard when the owner departs, providing reassurance that everyday appliances like the coffee maker or toaster remain safely inactive. Additionally, ABB’s water monitor diligently oversees the apartment's water points, promptly shutting off the water supply upon detecting any leaks.

Automated for comfort and style

Automation seamlessly blends with comfort and style in the wonderfully furnished apartment in Rovaniemi, where ABB's matte black switches and sockets, as well as compact protection devices including Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), have been carefully installed. These additions not only complement the living space but also accentuate its stylish interior design.




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