Taking the next step to support the grid of the future

Taking the next step to support the grid of the future

ABB introduces a new all-in-one protection relay for power generation and distribution applications to ensure maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness throughout the relay life cycle.

The new, freely configurable all-in-one protection and control relay REX615 is a technological leap forward from the renowned 615 and 620 series relays. It offers unparalleled flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and standardization. With its multiapplication coverage combined with a fully modular and scalable hardware and software, REX615 opens up new possibilities, ensuring it's ready to adapt to the grid of the future.

With more than 1 million relays installed worldwide, the 615 and 620 series relays have been the choice of many over the years, demonstrating reliability and commitment to continuous evolution. Available in two sizes, REX615 is a perfect match for replacing all 615 and 620 series relays, as hardware dimensions, modules and wiring connections remain the same.

With its global coverage, supporting IEC, ANSI and CN standards and conventions, REX615 alone is ready to take over where the 615 and 620 series relays left off, protecting power generation and distribution applications within utilities, industry, data centers, marine and rail. As a member of ABB’s Relion® protection and control family of relays, REX615 continues to build on ABB’s strong heritage of freely configurable multi-functional relays and many proven protection algorithms.

Addressing aging infrastructure by future-proofing the grid

As the next step for 615 and 620 series relays, REX615 is an excellent choice for one-to-one replacements. The wide application coverage, combined with the fully modular and scalable hardware and software, allows easy, flexible and cost-effective customization. The ready-made application packages add convenience by ensuring smooth and easy ordering. The possibility of adding and replacing both modules and application packages makes REX615 a long-term solution, capable of adapting to changing requirements for the lifetime of the relay.

Optimizing asset management

Brand-new but still familiar, with an impressive history, REX615 saves time and efforts. The same setting and configuration tool across not only the REX portfolio but also the entire relay portfolio saves further time and efforts. The uniform REX portfolio facilitates engineering, operation, and maintenance. With only one relay covering multiple application areas, there is less to learn and fewer spare devices to store. Short delivery times and on-time delivery reduces the need for storage further.

Supporting the digitalization of substations

With cyber security at the fore, REX615 promotes secure connectivity, safeguarding critical infrastructure and the evolving electrical network. Designed to support the increasing digitalization of substations, REX615 offers standardized IEC 61850-compliant communication to ensure smooth interoperability between substation automation and communication devices. Replacing copper wires with IEC 61850-compliant communication is also a more cost-effective and ecological choice. With the IEC 61850 9-2-based process bus, REX615 is ready for future integration with digital systems, such as centralized or virtualized protection.

Complying with evolving regulation

REX615 offers an extensive interconnection protection package to better connect to renewables while maintaining grid stability. Complying with the latest grid codes, REX615 ensures the distributed generation units remain connected also during disturbances. Extensive protection and fault location functionality ensures compliance with the regulation of electricity utilities, striving to minimize costly downtime, and protect critical network components from breaking down due to network faults.

To learn more about REX615, register for the webinars on 29 May and 5 June and visit the REX615 campaign page.


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