Genset maker CGM innovates with ABB to offer more sustainable alternatives

Genset maker CGM innovates with ABB to offer more sustainable alternatives

CGM of Vicenza, Italy specializes in the production of generator sets. With a reputation for reliability and innovation, the company’s gensets have long been used by hospitals and airports and are increasingly used to guarantee service continuity in data centers.

To address evolving requirements of customers in 120 markets, CGM’s portfolio has expanded to include portable units intended for traditional sectors like construction, as well as large fixed industrial machines covering power up to 3 MW.

“The genset sector demands quality and support,” says CGM Managing Director Stefano Chilese. “More and more are also now asking about the sustainability of our products, and environmental product declarations (EPDs) are becoming mandatory for some. This heightened interest and sensitivity to the issue will continue to grow – CGM has proactively prepared to meet these requirements.”

CGM has worked with ABB for some time. The company uses Tmax XT and Emax 2 circuit breakers, both part of the ABB EcoSolutions program, providing independently verified EPDs and circularity information via a QR code. “The ABB EcoSolutions portfolio enables us to respond and address customer requirements,” adds Chilese.

“ABB EcoSolutions products provide transparency regarding the environmental impact of a product througout its life cycle,” says Matteo Carollo, Global Product Manager for Breakers & Enclosures, ABB Electrification Smart Power. “On each Tmax XT and Emax 2 breaker, you’ll find a QR code that provides access to the EPD, with comprehensive information on the product’s environmental impact, prepared according to international standards and validated by an independent body.”

Sustainability also drives product innovation at CGM. The company’s new Ecopower solution is a battery energy storage system that offers a clean energy alternative to diesel. Ranging from 15 to 100 kW. Ecopower is both fully electric – powered solely by photovoltaic energy – and hybrid, featuring an efficient motor. The collaboration with ABB continues to accelerate technological progress and drive sustainability.

“ABB shares our focus on innovation,” says Chilese. “ABB’s wide range of high-performance products in compact sizes allowing us to minimize the footprint of the electrical components inside our machines and conserve materials. Their proven quality, ensures reliability for machines shipped worldwide, and our shared commitment to sustainability remains a core value for both CGM and ABB.”


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