ABB expands centralized protection and control offering to address aging infrastructure; future-proof the grid

  • New protection and control relay REX615 protects power generation and distribution applications for utilities and industry
  • All-in-one protection relay ensures maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness throughout the relay life cycle
  • Expanding portfolio showcases ABB’s commitment to offering scalable, affordable solutions poised to meet the needs of tomorrow’s grid

ABB will introduce REX615, the new, freely configurable all-in-one protection and control relay, at IEEE PES T&D, a biannual event showcasing the latest technological developments in the electric power industry. IEEE takes place in Anaheim, California, May 6-9.

REX615 is a technological leap forward from the 615 and 620 series relays, offering unparalleled flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and standardization. With its multiapplication coverage combined with fully modular and scalable hardware and software, REX615 picks up where its predecessors left off, ensuring users are poised for the grid of the future.

“ABB understands the challenges the utility industry is facing and is committed to providing innovative electrical solutions that help utilities improve reliability, prevent outages and meet their sustainability goals,” says John Hayter, Vice President of Utilities Market, ABB Electrification. “Advancing our centralized protection and control offering with products like the REX615 relay furthers that commitment. By introducing scalable, affordable and adaptable solutions today, we are better positioned to meet the needs of tomorrow’s grid.”

At Booth #5440, IEEE visitors can check out power distribution products that enable safer, smarter and more sustainable operations, including:

Grid Hardening Reclosers

  • Full range of medium voltage reclosers designed to enhance reliability and mitigate outages with the increasing demands on power distribution, including a new specialty recloser for areas subjected to high winds and storms.
  • Advanced, self-powered reclosers strengthen the aging power infrastructure against rising demands and climate impacts.

Digital Solutions for the Clean Energy Transition

  • The clean energy transition requires a fundamental transformation of power systems, including much higher levels of digitalization across all grid domains, from generation to transmission and distribution to end-use.
  • Digitalization boosts grid resilience, increases renewable energy integration, drives down costs and enables universal access to clean electricity.
  • Remote solutions continuously analyze asset conditions and energy demands and provide insights to help minimize costs and risk and maximize performance and safety across operations.

FT FlexitestTM Switches

  • An industry standard for 60 years, test switches are designed and manufactured to allow quick and easy multi-circuit testing of switchboard relays, meters and instruments by any conventional system.

EV Grid-to-Charger Simulator

  • See the electrical equipment and estimated utility service needed for nearly any combination of electric vehicle charging requirements.
  • The smartest lineup from any source to any EV charger. Optimize the demand from EVs by selecting the right equipment and digital load management solution.

Expert-Led Education Sessions

ABB experts will participate in several education sessions throughout the IEEE event, including:

Protection in Distribution Networks Using Current and Voltage Sensors
Tuesday, May 7 at 2:45pm; Booth #3453
Introduce state-of-the-art current and voltage measurement technologies for use in distribution networks. New implementations for protection and control lead to equipment architectures with significant safety, sustainability and performance advantages.

VPAC: Clearing the Path Towards Substation Virtualization
Tuesday, May 7 at 3:45pm; Booth #3453
A panel will present the latest proof of concepts demonstrating the benefits of software-based solutions, including the need for less hardware equipment, scalability, enhanced performance and optimized operation and maintenance.

Modernizing Protection, Automation and Control Using Virtualization
Wednesday, May 8 at 2:30pm; Booth #2357
Basic guidelines for the preparation of virtual protection and control applications are taking the concept of centralization to another level. There are new factors which the system designer must consider when selecting a supporting virtualization environment and host server.

Common Electrical Controls and Microgrids
Wednesday, May 8 at 5:00pm; North Building
Learn about considerations regarding electrical controls that relate to development of a microgrid, providing an overview of common control elements in commercial and industrial power distribution systems and discusses their applicability to use in a microgrid.

Learn more about ABB’s solutions, speakers and networking opportunities at IEEE at

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