Cromarty becomes ABB Robotics first Collaborative Robot Expert in Australia

Cromarty becomes ABB Robotics first Collaborative Robot Expert in Australia

  • Engineering and automation solutions provider, Cromarty, have become ABB Australia’s first certified Cobot (collaborative robot) Expert.
  • Cromarty is a Tasmanian headquartered business offering professional engineering services and technical expertise to customers in several essential industry sectors.
  • Having completed the necessary advanced technical training for robots and meeting the qualifying criteria, Cromarty can effectively assist in addressing customers’ production challenges promptly to achieve the best results.

Cromarty is a Tasmanian company with three offices in that state, as well as in the cities of Melbourne and Brisbane.  They offer professional electrical engineering and automation services, taking pride in supplying exceptional product sales knowledge and technical expertise.

Cromarty’s team comprises Machine Safety Certified engineers who handle front-end application design, construction, and installation. They also offer ongoing services for robotic cell applications, including conducting Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) directly from their on-site facilities.

The company has effectively executed significant projects using ABB robots to facilitate automated operations related to applications and industries such as pick and place, food manufacturing, welding, palletising, machine tending, system upgrades, and overall system efficiency enhancement for increased throughput and improved safety.

Cromarty has clients that include multinational confectionery companies and food producers with household brand recognition. They were involved in developing a cutting-edge brand logo laser etching system using ABB robots to identify and trace Tasmania Oyster Co.'s products worldwide, distinguishing Australia's high-quality Pacific oysters. Already an ABB Channel Partner for over 25 years, in May 2024, Cromarty became ABB Australia's first certified Cobot Expert.

ABB has been a pioneer in robotic automation for over 50 years. Throughout this time, the company has expanded the reach, strength, and support of a community of Value Providers and Channel Partners. The newly established Cobot Expert program was designed by ABB Robotics to enhance the capabilities of the channel network through collaborative partnerships. This program enables certified experts to grow their businesses and stay ahead of the automation curve, ultimately driving success.

Cromarty had to meet specific criteria and undergo rigorous training to become a certified graduate of the program. This training included advanced collaborative robot technical training and passing an assessment to ensure they were well-equipped to swiftly address customers' production challenges for optimal business outcomes.

They also had to demonstrate their local market accessibility. Cromarty has customers nationwide, including those with deep-rooted loyalty to supporting local Tasmanian businesses. With over 35 years of trading experience, they are a well-known and trusted business serving customers in Australia's key industries, such as water utilities, manufacturing, food and beverage, mining, and pharmaceuticals.

To qualify as a Cobot Expert, ABB partners must additionally demonstrate proven knowledge and expertise in ABB collaborative robots and targeted applications. They should also be willing to invest in training and educational activities to expand business, community, and academic awareness of robotic automation.

For Cromarty, this meant displaying their passion for being part of membership-based organisations such as the Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council (TMEC), Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone (BBAMZ), and the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA). Spanning decades, Cromarty has been actively involved in these organisations, allowing them to share their expertise in successful project deliveries. They have utilised ABB technology at their industry events to promote the possibilities transformative thinking can enable to create a greener and more innovative world.

Cromarty has also applied their expertise to strengthen the local community. In the educational sector, they have assisted the University of Tasmania and TasTAFE  in teaching existing and future students about the capabilities of robotic automation.   They have also showcased how simple cobot applications, like handing out business cards, can be easily programmed at Career Fairs.

Additionally, Cromarty has been hosting its creative "Robot Month" series of events for the past two years. The events have amassed a following of over 30 businesses and schools from all over Tasmania. Attendees come to learn how they can integrate robotic technology into their daily operations. The series included demonstrations using an ABB GoFa™ collaborative robot for on-site application testing and workshops showcasing common manufacturing and production applications and the endless possibilities for applicational improvement.

  • (L-R): Richard Grant, Managing Director for Cromarty accepts the ABB Cobot Expert memento, an ABB cobot miniature model, delivered personally by Peter Bradbury, Channel Manager for ABB Robotics in Australia.
  • Investing in the future. Sam Gibson, Technical Solutions Coordinator at Cromarty shows a student how to operate ABB’s GoFa™ collaborative robot.
  • Cromarty proudly displaying their capabilities at a Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council (TMEC) conference.
  • Rob Alberti, Director Strategic Business at Cromarty enjoys the Career Day at the University of Tasmania.
  • Cromarty’s Sam Gibson performing workshop testing on an ABB cobot at their Launceston location.

Daniel O’Shea, Sales Director at Cromarty, reflects on the common topics of conversation raised at their Robot Month events. He notes that participants are especially concerned with overcoming the challenges related to closing the skills gap and labour availability.

"We're seeing more clients looking to understand how they can use these cobots which are designed to work alongside humans, to complete those hard-to-fill work tasks."

"Particularly in projects like welding, manufacturing, and even in the Defence Force, we're seeing more clients looking to understand how they can use these cobots which are designed to work alongside humans, to complete those hard-to-fill work tasks. This interest has grown now that robots have become more affordable and accessible," says Daniel.

Sam Gibson, Technical Solutions Coordinator at Cromarty, states, "It's crucial for Tasmanian businesses to be able to source and have support locally for this advanced technology. Like most markets, consumers want more products, more variety, and faster service. Therefore, it's not surprising that attendees at Robot Month events are eager to understand how both industrial and collaborative robots can not only help to solve their labour and skills shortage challenges, but also provide them with a unique business or educational advantage."

When asked about the impact of becoming a Cobot Expert Daniel says, "Becoming authorised in all areas of the cobot ecosystem - sales, support, service, and premium engineering capabilities - sets us apart and allows us to focus on our customer's needs. As Cobot Experts, we are trained to identify and solve problems more quickly, enhancing our already strong skillset.

Partnering with ABB and being able to leverage the company’s branding with an ABB Cobot Expert logo allows us to expand our reach with increased visibility and product recognition. This adds to both our credibility and our customers' confidence that they'll always receive the best solution and a comprehensive offering. This is particularly important in our geographical region, where the population and market size are smaller compared to other states.”

"We're proud to continue showcasing ABB cobots in ways that make robotic automation more relatable."

Sam continues, "We're proud to continue showcasing ABB cobots in ways that make robotic automation more relatable. Sharing our knowledge with the industries we support, as well as academia, generates tangible ways we can contribute to local Australian manufacturing and encourage a higher adoption of STEM education."

With their new certification in hand, Cromarty looks forward to providing their customers with flexible and affordable system-integrated solutions for simplified, efficient, and lean robotic automation.

ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company’s solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize how things are manufactured, moved, powered and operated. Building on over 140 years of excellence, ABB’s more than 105,000 employees are committed to driving innovations that accelerate industrial transformation.

ABB Robotics as one of the world’s leading robotics and machine automation suppliers is the only company with a comprehensive and integrated portfolio covering robots, AMRs and machine automation solutions - designed and orchestrated by our value-creating software. ABB Robotics employs approximately 11,000 people at over 100 locations in more than 50 countries.


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