Celebrating Pride 2024 - driving real change

Celebrating Pride 2024 - driving real change

  • At ABB we strive for a culture where individual differences are not only welcomed but celebrated.
  • The Workplace Pride benchmark index significantly improved from last year, with strong results on Employee network, support and benefits and inclusion and engagement. Focus areas for future improvement have also been identified
  • ABB actively champions LGBTQ+ inclusivity through programs ranging from reverse mentoring, review of the employee benefit policy to ensure LGBTQ+ inclusion and the myGwork global partnership

At ABB, we're not just celebrating Pride Month, we're celebrating a significant leap forward in our Workplace Pride Index an indicator of our unwavering commitment to inclusivity. This assessment measures the LGBTQ+ policies and practices for employers. Our programs have been running for four years, aiming at raising awareness, educating our colleagues, identifying role models and implementing policy changes to create a work environment inclusive by design.

Take a look at the video below, to retrace our history on LGBTQ+ inclusion!

ABB’s journey to inclusivity 

As we embark on the 2024 Pride Month celebrations, we reflect on our journey towards a more inclusive workplace. Our recent award from myGwork, the recent Uhlala award of Pride Champion in Germany, our participation in the Stick&Stone recruitment fair in Cologne and the active recruitment through MyG-work, are testaments to our dedication to diversity, which we view as a cornerstone of our strength. We are committed to an inclusive transition towards a net-zero future, uplifting communities, workers, and societies along the way.

Building a foundation for equity 

In lifting up communities, we started by looking at our own workplace. On our journey to equity, we have proudly implemented systemic changes at ABB to ensure an inclusive and safe environment for the LGBTQ+ community at ABB. This journey started with setting the right tone at the top and nurturing grassroots initiatives across ABB.

  • 2021 - A year dedicated to raising awareness and mobilizing our workforce. We included a clear statement of our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) ambitions in every job posting to welcome everyone from the outset. We adhered to the UN Code of Conduct for LGBTQ+ rights and established Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for Pride across the US, Europe, Poland, and LATAM. Our inaugural Pride Month celebrations engaged 2,500 employees.
  • 2022 -Transitioning from awareness to action. We launched learning paths focused on allies, created ally booklets, and introduced a reverse mentoring program- pairing up senior leaders with members from the LGBTQ+ community, to understand challenges and change requirements. Our Pride celebrations saw the involvement of 3,500 employees with more than 700 people completing our learning paths. We also conducted the Workplace Pride external Global Benchmark assessment of LGBTQ+ inclusion to gain insights into our inclusivity positioning. 
  • 2023 - The year we implemented systemic change. We revised our Code of Conduct to include a clause that enforces zero tolerance against discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Pride Month celebrations involved 4,600 employees with 1,200 people completing our learning paths. A review of our benefits policies confirmed that all nine benefits under scrutiny were truly inclusive for our LGBTQ+ employees, covering everything from paid parental leave to life insurance, retirement plans, disabilities and critical illness, and our Employee Assistance Program.

Looking Ahead

As we launch our 2024 Pride Month activities, we remain dedicated to strengthening awareness, expanding allyship, and applying systemic changes. Together, we will continue to support equity and inclusion for all.

To learn more about our actions and hear from some colleagues: LGBTQ+ — ABB Group (global.abb) 


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