Connectivity Edge Gateway receives Red Dot Award for product design

Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s largest and most respected design competitions. ABB Motion wins its first Red Dot Award in two categories: Communication Technology and Smart Products.

There are millions of electric powertrains in operation around the world in areas such food production, water supply, heating and cooling, ventilation, transport and other industrial applications. Most of these powertrains will include a drive, motor and an application such as a pump or fan, and also be connected to a network for provision of digital services and data transfer.

However, generic edge devices that control the data flow between networks do not support the needs of electric powertrains because they lack essential features, set-up is a hassle, and the customer experience is generally poor. That is why ABB developed a tailored edge gateway device - named the ABB Connectivity Edge Gateway EGW-02 - that is specifically for electric powertrains. This new device has been recognized in two categories by the Red Dot Award judging panel: Communication Technology and Smart Products.

EGW-02 is an Internet of Things (IoT) device that gathers data from connected drives and makes the data available for local or cloud backends. EGW-02 is also able to process the data on the edge for producing additional value for customers. It complies with state-of-the-art cyber security with easy installation and commissioning.    


Innovative design that is functional and practical   The EGW-02 was designed to be both functional and practical. On the functional side, it enables digital services for users to: save energy reduce emissions lower operational and maintenance cost increase reliability enhance cyber security.  

The practical elements of EGW-02 offer so much more including an enclosure designed for cabinet and wall mounting, a compact size that makes it possible to fit into existing cabinets, and cooling ribs to optimize airflow inside tightly packed electrical cabinets.    


“EGW-02 is a key element in our digitalization strategy and it represents latest technology with pioneering functionalities”, says project manager Mari Pohjanpalo. “It is an innovative solution that fits perfectly for electric powertrain and the ecosystem offers smooth, plug and play experience for the customers across a multitude of industrial applications.”  

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