viaFlex emergency lighting system

The renewed central battery system offers maximum flexibility and user-friendliness.

viaFlex is the new name and successor of Sentara. Not only the appearance of the box and the components used have been renewed but the main difference is the user-friendliness.The renewed central battery system viaFlex offers maximum flexibility in construction, both centrally and decentrally, depending on the building construction and conditions. The most important advantage, however, is the application of the operating and programming software viaFlex PRO. This ensures intuitive operation and simplified installation and commissioning, but also extra flexibility when extended.

Three basic components

The viaFlex system consists of three basic components:

  • viaFlex central power system (CPS): control unit with batteries and Touch panel communication module
  • OS module: autonomously functioning substation module (expandable to 240 units per system)
  • FLX switch module (expandable to 19200 pieces per system)

Within the viaFlex system, the viaFlex substation modules have complete control over the connected luminaires. The operation of this module is independent of the control from the viaFlex power supply box. Is there an interruption in the communication? This does not affect the safety of the installation.

Fire compartments

Evenals zijn voorganger vindt ook viaFlex zijn specifieke toepassing in brandcompartimenten. Omdat het onderstation zich in het brandcompartiment bevindt en er op drie niveaus spanningsuitval kan worden gedetecteerd, biedt het gebruikers veel meer overzicht. Dat maakt het projecteren van de centrale noodverlichtingsinstallatie heel eenvoudig, zonder dat er ingeleverd hoeft te worden op gebouwveiligheid.

More information about viaFlex can be found in the catalog.


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