DALI emergency lighting

Integration for efficient monitoring in smart buildings

VanLien introduces a new range of emergency lighting luminaires that are compatible with DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface). This series includes various products from the Evago, Aqualux and Serenga product lines. Here the emergency lighting can be integrated in the light management system of DALI. As the most widely used platform for the integration of lighting in building management systems, the possibility of including the emergency lighting is also included; integration for efficient monitoring in smart buildings. ABB also has a DALI gateway available, so that interconnection of lighting groups on the DALI and KNX platforms is possible, with operation and control via the KNX platform. With their new products VanLien offers you flexibility in controlling the emergency lighting and certainty when quickly and easily consulting all crucial information of your installation.

Touch panel

To monitor the emergency lighting as a separate system, VanLien offers the possibility to connect the emergency lighting luminaires with DALI communication to a touch panel: DALI Control Unit. This touch panel is available in the spring of 2018. Luminaires can be programmed via the DALI control system for emergency lighting. Users can program automatic function and endurance tests and have them conducted at desired times. This ensures uninterrupted functionality.

Many advantages

By determining the test schedule yourself, tests no longer take place at undesirable moments. Another advantage is that the results of the tests are stored in easily downloadable reports. This log can be shared with regulatory authorities in order to be able to demonstrate the safety of the emergency lighting installation. The status of the installation can also be read in real time - this information on one screen offers 24/7 control; safe and user-friendly. If required, permanently designed emergency lighting luminaires can also be switched on/off individually or in groups. All VanLien products in the DALI emergency lighting range are certified and comply with internationally recognized standards, such as IEC 62386-101 and -202.

View the DALI emergency lighting brochure on the documentation page. Or directly download the PDF of the brochure.


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