Reinforces environments with industrial design

You must be able to rely on emergency lighting. Day in, day out, for years and even in extreme conditions. Indulux can guarantee that. As well as ease of installation and easy maintenance thanks to the extendable module. Apart from making the work easier and faster, Indulux also looks great in design environments.

VanLien supplies Indulux as a robust emergency lighting solution that performs reliably and fits in everywhere. The stainless steel luminaires with extendable modules are dust and water resistant in compliance with IP68, even under extreme conditions. In addition, the tubular solution is fitted with stainless steel (316L) end caps, which make the product suitable for both the industry and the food & beverage sector. Although Indulux is designed for heavy work, the modern-look industrial housing also fits perfectly within the design environments of, for example, modern offices.

Easy installation

Time is money. In short, while developing the Indulux series, not only design and durability were taken into consideration but especially ease of installation. The bright LED luminaires are suitable for ceiling and wall mounting and the extendable module provides simple cabling and installation. In addition, the stainless steel fastening strap can be quickly attached and adapted to multiple surfaces. The Indulux pictograms come in two different types. There is a pictogram film that you simply place on the inside of the fixture, with a viewing distance of 17 meters. For applications where a viewing distance of 20 meters is required, choose from the complete range of pictogram stickers.

Smart maintenance, save time

There are two versions available. First of all, as a single-sided escape route indication and lighting and also as a double-sided escape route indication. This makes Indulux ideal for installation in corridors, for example. Thanks to the retractable electronics basic module, the emergency lighting is also easy to maintain. The external self-test ensures better visibility and easier inspection and the 100% LED lighting and NiMH batteries guarantee a long service life. This also provides for certainty and peace of mind. All this makes Indulux a simple and quick solution that saves time and therefore costly project hours.

View the Indulux brochure on the documentation page. Or directly download the PDF of the brochure.


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