Evago: now also plug-in

More meters in less time with Wieland GST 18/3

VanLien is constantly looking for solutions to simplify the work of installers. Evago recessed luminaires with a Wieland GST18/3 cable make the installation time even shorter. For example, the collaboration between VanLien and Wieland led to a product that has been included in the VanLien range as of May 2018 under the name Evago GST18/3 as standard.

Safety comes first

Evago emergency lighting with Wieland is a plug-and-play solution attached to the luminaire that can be plugged in directly. A matter of drilling a hole, assembling the product, connecting the luminaire with the GST18/3 plug, click and ready. This makes lightning-fast installation possible and saves a considerable amount of time compared to traditional systems. The emergency lighting is therefore ideal for environments where safety is of great importance, but where at the same time longer distances must be covered, such as offices, schools and care institutions.

The market decides

This new series enables VanLien to combine the top in lighting performance with the most prominent electrical connection technologies. The cable length was determined in close consultation with the market and set at 2 meters.

Customization possible, but often not necessary

The bestsellers in the Evago range played an important role during the development of the new series. The most used recessed luminaires are included in this new range with Wieland cables, but can also be ordered without. Luminaires that are not available in the plug-in version as standard can also be supplied with cable at a small extra charge. In this way, the new Evago series offers an easy-to-install solution for every application as well as a safe exit.


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