/LBS becomes /FLX

Name changes in VanLien products

viaFlex has been the new name and successor of the Sentara emergency lighting system since the autumn of 2017. As a result of this change, the names of the relevant types of luminaires are also changed from /LBS to /FLX. For some products this has already been done, for others it will follow in the short term. This means that from now on /FLX will be on the product labels and in the system descriptions instead of /LBS. This has no consequences for functionality. 

Neither will the item numbers be changed; see example below:

  • EVA-CLO/LBS                    7TCA091140R0409                    5520257351
  • EVA-CLO/FLX                    7TCA091140R0409                    5520257351

Any questions about this change can be emailed to nl-tech-EP@abb.com.


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