DALI Control Unit

Monitoring DALI emergency lighting as a separate system

Effective monitoring of emergency systems contributes to optimum safety. No problem for DALI emergency lighting from VanLien. Certainly not with the new DALI Control Unit, which makes operation, testing and monitoring of the system even easier.

Touch panel

To monitor the DALI emergency lighting as a separate system, VanLien offers the possibility to connect the emergency lighting luminaires to a user-friendly touch panel; the DALI Control Unit. This allows users to program, control and monitor automatic function and endurance tests and have them conducted at desired times. This for a total of 128 luminaires, but easy to expand with extra touch panels. Test results and logs can then be transferred to an Excel file via LAN and printed or stored there for later consultation.

Ease of use

The operating system guides the system user screen by screen. For example, after initialization, the DALI luminaires are displayed on the screen, including a list of addresses. Each luminaire can then be given a name for simple localization. In addition, faults are clearly displayed on the home screen and the touch panel also has an Ethernet port. This allows a spreadsheet to be downloaded that shows the status of the luminaires. With all this, the DALI Control Unit offers uninterrupted functionality. For guaranteed safety.

Benefits & Features

  • 24/7 insight into the status of the emergency lighting installation
  • Free to schedule and calendar-based function and autonomy tests
  • Function and autonomy tests can be set according to local regulations
  • Easy switching of permanent and switched luminaires
  • 7-inch full-color touch panel with smart graphical interface for operation
  • Easy system-controlled DALI addressing and grouping
  • Individual identification of groups and devices
  • Maintenance always demonstrable by automatic log function
  • Easy download of test reports to a PC
  • Easy to group and install


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