Lutia introduction

Versatile escape route lighting for outdoor safety

Reliable in extreme conditions, with a loop-in/loop-out system and configured for quick installation, both on the wall and on the ceiling. Lutia: versatile escape route lighting for outdoor safety

Lutia, ABB VanLien's latest LED lighting system, is a robust line tested for performance in outdoor conditions. The luminaire features a loop-in / loop-out system for easy assembly. The adjustable light source ensures that the luminaire can be used both in emergencies and as conventional lighting. The integrated light sensor offers the possibility of night-time lighting.

With a special IP65 compartment combined with a two-layer design for a thermal air buffer, the Lutia luminaires can withstand low pressure water jets and a wide ambient temperature range of -20 to 40 degrees C with decentralized luminaires and -40 to 40 degrees with central luminaires. All screw holes are located outside the compartment to ensure integrity in wet or dusty conditions, while the IK10 enclosure provides impact resistance of up to 20 joules.

The distinctive design of Lutia includes vertical lines that act as gutters to direct rainwater and residual dirt tracks to controlled areas. The luminaire can be used in different environments thanks to its discreet design and colors.

"Lutia is an important addition to our extensive range of emergency lighting," says Fieraas Aliahmad, Product Marketing Specialist at ABB VanLien. "Lutia offers an easy way to extend emergency lighting to outdoor areas, with all the difficult conditions this entails. In addition, the Lutia design ensures that luminaires neatly connect to the exterior of each building."

View the Lutia brochure on the documentation page or directly download the PDF of the brochure.
Or go to the Lutia product page.


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