VanLien catalog 2019

Complete overview of luminaires and systems

The luminaires and systems product overview has arrived, also called the VanLien catalog. This completely new brochure, with 132 pages, combines and replaces the 2016 luminaire brochure and 2017 system brochure.

Quick navigation

To quickly browse through the brochure, we have moved the table of contents and symbol information to the extended cover. In this way you always have the table of contents and the symbols at hand. The index also has a new location in the back of this brochure, offering you an extensive overview of search terms.

New in this brochure

Of course you will find all current themes and information about product launches from all of 2018, such as DALI emergency lighting, Indulux and Lutia, the latest outdoor luminaire from VanLien. Every product group starts with an order overview; the Quick Guide. In this Quick Guide you will see all the parts of a product line summarized and with item coding. In addition, each product page is clearly arranged by luminaire, pictograms, accessories and technical specifications. In this way you can put your product together step by step. The corresponding spacing tables, accessories, dimension drawings and parts list can be found at the back of the brochure.

View the luminaires and systems product overview on the documentation page or directly download the PDF of the brochure.


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