ABB’s new groundbreaking distribution automation offering now available

ABB’s new groundbreaking distribution automation offering now available

ABB’s two pioneering DA products are ready to evolve alongside the grid: the all-in-one protection and control relay REX640 and the smart substation control and protection device SSC600.

Innovative, flexible and easy to use are the hallmarks of ABB’s new distribution automation (DA) offering, which has now been released for order. Such advanced technologies change the ways we work, produce, move, and power the world and leveraging these technologies fully aligns with ABB’s drive as the digital leader. Since their introduction at Hannover Messe 2018, it is therefore no surprise that REX640 and SSC600 have generated significant interest and enthusiasm on a global scale.

REX640 benefits from years of product evolution, building on ABB’s strong heritage of freely configurable multifunctional relays. REX640 is ready to protect any asset in advanced power generation and distribution applications. Its ability to cover the full range of utility and industrial applications and manage multiple applications simultaneously, guarantees flexible, versatile and cost-efficient protection.

The REX640’s modular design allows unequalled adaptive flexibility through customizable software and hardware that will not only satisfy protection needs at the time of purchase, but also over the relay’s life time of changing needs, through the continuous availability of software and hardware updates.

“The possibility to create your own unique relay for your specific protection requirements and manage multiple applications simultaneously, not to mention the lifelong readiness to easily adapt when protection requirements change, have been highly appreciated by our customers,” said Alessandro Palin, managing director of ABB's Distribution Solutions business. “Also the new, intuitive local human-machine interface (LHMI), featuring a color touch screen that visualizes power distribution process information in a truly unique way, has caught people’s eyes.”

ABB AbilityTM smart substation control and protection for electrical systems, SSC600, represents a new way of looking at protection and control in distribution networks. The ability to protect and control a wide variety of utility and industrial applications with a single, centralized device at the substation level, conveniently reduces network complexity, allows easy and cost-efficient process management and supports optimal, lifelong asset management for the digital substation. Combining SSC600 with merging units creates a unique, IEC 61850-compliant, centralized protection and control solution.

Providing an existing substation with the latest technological developments is fast, easy and cost-effective, and with new installations, only bay-level merging units are required in addition to the single SSC600 device, or two in cases where a centralized protection and control solution with full redundancy is required. The modular software allows both customization and flexible modification for the lifetime of the digital substation. As for REX640, continuous access to new software developments makes changing with the evolving grid easy, but with only one device to modify. Upgrading the entire substation system was never easier.

“SSC600 has been met with a warm reception as centralizing protection and control is considered to be the future of distribution protection of control,” said Alessandro Palin. “The IEC 61850 compliance, ensuring extensive interoperability of substation automation devices, is seen as key to being able to truly centralize all protection and control functionality in one device in the substation.”

For more information, please visit the REX640 and SSC600 product pages and the product introduction portal, or use ABB’s intuitive online Product Selection Tool (PST) to easily configure your unique product – with no risk of configuration errors. PST also allows convenient access to the latest product and price information. 


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