ABB software offers unified communication
to increase productivity

ABB software offers unified communication to increase productivity

New software releases provide increased visualization and enable better grid control to support mission-critical decisions

ABB Power Grids just launched a new ABB digital enterprise concept with geospatial software functionality for utilities and industries. This is an evolution of the already well-established ABB Ability™ Ellipse® connected asset lifecycle management solution, which provides a virtual view of the different power grid assets that allows an operator to easily detect the cause of a potential power outage and thus dispensing from a physical site visit. In summary, the digital enterprise software solution allows a more accurate, unified and instant presentation of available assets, which enables utilities and industries to efficiently handle data streams from the combination of information technology (IT), operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT). A connected asset lifecycle management solution helps to maximize asset performance through the entire product lifecycle as it embeds industry best practices and business processes and leverages real-time equipment data and the Industrial Internet of Things to connect predictive analytics and asset management systems to the mobile worker in the field.

In parallel ABB is also launching a new release of its ABB Ability™ Network Manager that offers a single network model view across the entire grid, as well as a unified access to the full suite of advanced applications. Currently, generation, transmission and distribution power networks are often managed separately from each other and without inter-operability, leading to information discrepancies and possible errors. An integrated operations platform under a single user interface, significantly reduces these risks.

“With these new product releases, we are supporting the digital transformation of our customers and offer a new approach to connect operations, engineering and business management with ABB’s IT and OT expertise,” said Massimo Danieli, head of ABB’s grid automation business within the company’s Power Grids division. “By using advanced technologies, software and services, and by gathering data, customers are provided with more insights into their use of assets, people and processes which in turn enables them to better manage their assets.”  



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