ABB solutions drive Mexico’s transformation

As the country moves into an era of digitalization, ABB continues to support the country’s ambitious goals, including mobility, digital solutions and sustainable power.

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship gets underway in Mexico City later this week. The world's first fully-electric street racing series, the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, brings the latest innovations in electric vehicle and alternative energy solutions to city centers around the world. The championship demonstrates the potential of sustainable mobility to help create a better, cleaner world. And ABB is helping Mexico in the same quest.

Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City
Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City

For well over a century ABB has been providing pioneering technology to help Mexico develop its economy and infrastructure. ABB has become a long-term partner for the country, helping to embrace the rapid global advances in energy generation and supply as well as the digital industrial revolution. In more recent history ABB projects have focused particularly on mobility, sustainable power, and the development of digital, smart solutions for industry.

Electric mobility

In the country’s capital, Mexico City, the government is tackling the problem of the city’s air pollution, which is some of the world’s worst, by restricting use of private automobiles and making big investments in urban transportation. And enabling innovative technologies are being supplied by ABB. More than 40 ABB charging stations for electric vehicles have been installed at locations for public use in the country, including three in Mexico City. ABB Ability™ technology guarantees that the chargers are operational 24/7 as remote digital connectivity enables continuous monitoring of the device from any location.

In addition, ABB is currently exploring opportunities to support a public sector project to build a North-South EV corridor through the main economic regions of Mexico. In the private sector, there are significant efforts underway to increase the number of EV chargers in the main economic regions and ABB is ideally positioned to become the partner of choice in Mexico’s e-mobility strategic plan. 

The EV charger corridor program aims to allow a commercially available EV to travel from Mexico City to Texas, connecting cities in 10 states. ABB Mexico was last year commissioned to provide three Terra 53 chargers for the section from El Bajío to Guadalajara – each 110km apart.

Terra 53 charger
Terra 53 charger

For a preview of the latest technology, the former Mexican President  visited the ABB exhibit at the Hanover Fair 2018, along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel for a demonstration of the newly launched Terra High Power fast-charging station and its impact on sustainable transport. 

Renewable energy

ABB is writing the future of how the world powers, produces, works, lives and moves by delivering proven integrated solutions, including the ABB Ability™ digital offering, to many different sectors.  New digital technologies drive more sustainable, innovative solutions.  

For example, nearly three-quarters of Mexico’s electricity is still generated by fossilfuel. But the country has abundant potential for generating a significant amount of its power from renewable sources, including hydro, wind, solar and geothermal. The urgent pace of change in the energy industry is being embraced by the Mexican government, which has set an ambitious energy goal for 2024: by then, it wants 35 per cent of Mexico’s energy needs to be met from renewable sources – half of which will come from wind power.

Iberdrola PIER project
Iberdrola PIER project

To help meet this objective, ABB is supporting Iberdrola, the largest private electricity company in Mexico, which is investing heavily in renewable facilities, with the goal of reaching 1,500 megawatts (MW) of renewable installed power by 2020. ABB is implementing the innovative STATCOM technology for the company's recent wind project, PIER (Parque Industrial de Energia Renovable) 220, in Puebla state, south-central Mexico. The innovative technology will help improve the power supply and stabilize the network. The project generates electricity corresponding to the supply of approximately 70,000 Mexican households and saves 120,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year. ABB is the first provider of STATCOM technology in the country. This technology allows greater energy efficiency and more reliable power supplies. 

STATCOM technology
STATCOM technology

Industrial automation

ABB is also playing a vital role in another of Mexico’s key national industries: automotive. The automotive sector remains an economic powerhouse for Mexico and by some industry estimates the country is on course to become the world’s fourth-largest producer of automobiles, after China, the USA and Japan. ABB technology is driving industrial productivity improvements and reducing energy consumption. In fact, 90 percent of the vehicles produced in Mexico have or went through at least one ABB product or solution in its manufacturing process. At the Nissan-Daimler COMPAS manufacturing facilities in Aguascalientes, central Mexico, ABB’s state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, power distribution solutions power the factory's entire electrical system, improving energy efficiency by up to 20 percent

Helping to move towards autonomous industry, ABB provides a number of robotic solutions that support Mexico manufacturing, especially for its automotive industry, including some of the world’s leading automakers.


ABB’s reach in Mexico encompasses projects both of strategic national importance and those smaller in scale, but nonetheless dear to the national psyche. For example, the Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City’s iconic front door, which was designed by Emperor Maximilian in the 1860s to rival the grand boulevards of Europe, Today’s Paseo de la Reforma, home to some of the capital city’s tallest towers and most powerful institutions, is getting an electrical overhaul. The project will replace a 70 year-old electric infrastructure with ABB power equipment and its digital offering solution from ABB Ability™ to provide a more reliable power supply to the area.

ABB continues to lead the way towards to a further developed, yet sustainable future - helping Mexico continue its robust development.

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