ABB helps ensure comfortable climate in Swiss shopping mall

ABB’s energy-efficient ACH580 variable speed drives help ensure a comfortable indoor climate and fresh air all year-round in Switzerland’s second biggest shopping mall


The «Mall of Switzerland», in the canton of Lucern, is the second largest shopping center in the country. It uses ABB’s ACH580 variable speed drives (VSDs) to regulate its ventilation and air conditioning systems, ensuring a comfortable climate and fresh air inside the building, with an energy efficient system. ABB VSDs also drive the hot water pumps for the heating system connected to the building.

Located in Ebikon the mall attracts a large number of visitors every day with its shops, restaurants, entertainment, an indoor surfing facility and a large cinema, covering an area of 65,000 square meters. Two large ventilation systems contribute to their well-being by supplying over 200,000 m³ of fresh air per hour (130,000 m³/h per unit) to the complex, which was opened in 2017.

“This is definitely one of the largest installations we have constructed. The dimensions are huge,” says Marc Jordao, Ventilation Project Manager, for building technology company Pfiffner AG, which implemented the ventilation systems. “The energy-efficient systems use heat recovery components. In summer, these components use the cooler exhaust air from inside the building to extract heat from the inflowing outside air. In winter, the outside air is preheated using the warmer exhaust air.”


The mall’s air conditioning system is able to reduce its energy use with this heat recovery system as the 28 ACH580 drives, or frequency converters, adjust the fan motor speeds to actual demand. ABB also supplied the drive package for the building’s air conditioning compressors, which maintain the desired temperature in the stores and the cinema. The package comprises four process engines and matching ACS580 drive cabinets. ABB drives also regulate the speed of large smoke extraction fans, which would start up in the event of a fire.

The mall’s drives were supplied and parameterized by Walter Frei AG, an ABB authorized value provider. “We frequently work with Pfiffner AG and often supply ABB frequency converters for joint projects,” says Marcel Frei, Managing Director of Walter Frei AG. “We are convinced of their quality.”

ABB’s compact ACH580 drives provide complete heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) functionality. They can be integrated with most motors, and ensure applications operate reliably and without costly unplanned outages. The drives also provide connectivity with existing building automation and control systems.


Walter Frei AG

Walter Frei AG of Jona-Rapperswil specializes in drive technology, electric motors, repairs, control engineering, coil winding machinery and cable manufacture, and has partnered ABB for many years as an ABB authorized value provider. This family firm employs a workforce of over 30 and provides services throughout Switzerland.

Pfiffner AG

Pfiffner AG is a leading national building technology company. With around 140 employees, Pfiffner AG designs and implements forward looking intelligent building technology, from simple power supply systems to complex installations for major service buildings.


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