Ameren Illinois adapts predictive Asset Performance Management approach to grid modernization

Electric Energy Online (EE Online) article by Bryan Friehauf, Enterprise Software, Power Grids division, ABB - March 6, 2019

Utility's 90-day Asset Performance Management (APM) transformation leads to more systematic, digitalized predictive and preventive maintenance approach that turns massive amounts of data from critical assets into intelligence that prevents power outage.

Like many utilities, Ameren Illinois, a subsidiary of St. Louis-based Ameren Corporation, knew it needed to modernize its grid infrastructure and better monitor its assets to be able to provide reliable power to its 1.2 million customers covering 80 percent of the state of Illinois. This presented a significant challenge.

Electric utilities have traditionally carried out regularly scheduled "check-ups" to maintain their grid infrastructure. While these check-ups can detect obvious or crisis-level issues, they often cannot predict conditions that could lead to possible failures down the line.

The challenges were significant. Ameren had more than 1,200 substations over 4,500 miles of transmission lines and 46,000 miles of distribution lines that needed to be maintained and upgraded, involving thousands of transformers, circuit breakers, and other assets. Key asset data resided in various organizational silos - nameplate, dissolved gas analysis, inspection, oil test results, and maintenance data. There were resource constraints and a limited maintenance to deal with, and it was apparent they needed to move from a more traditional time-based to more condition-based monitoring of these assets.

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