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During August and September RMIT undertook two Marketing and Research projects for ABB in Vietnam. The two projects were executed by the Commerce and Management faculties in RMIT in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

RMIT in Hanoi has about 25 students in the final year of the Marketing degree. One of the projects the students had to complete was: Analyse the EPC market in terms of customers, competitors, collaborators etc. and also look at the Vietnamese situation as a whole. Once they've considered ABB's situation relative to those, come up with strategies in terms of how ABB can differentiate and position itself successfully? The students needed to work out how to deal with the very complex network relationships and finally come up with their marketing mix recommendations?

RMIT in Ho Chi Minh City has about 125 students in the final year of the Marketing degree. One of the projects the students had to complete was:

- Conduct desk survey of Microenvironment in Australia, focusing in Socio-Economic, Political and Regulation, and Globalisation. Students explored and described the development/decline of last 3 years and the future trend.

- Identify market for Oil-filled Transformer with capacity less than 100MVA and 110kV in Australia. Draw an industrial network map and analyse the relationship required. Conduct desk research for those market and identify attractive for future expansion.

- Recommend marketing strategic direction for ABB to dominate Australia market in the future.

The selected student teams presented their finding at two sessions, one in Hanoi and the other in Ho Chi Minh. There were 4 and 3 groups of 4 students respectively.

The reviewers from ABB comprised Hien DoanVan (LP), Nghia Le Trung (TR), Duong Trandai (Service) and James Mullen (Business Development).The students had little knowledge of ABB, EPC's, Transformers or Australia. They had about 6 weeks in which to do their project along with all the other projects they were doing for their study.

The outcome was very interesting highlighting various areas where ABB in Vietnam could improve in its presence. For example, the ABB web page for Vietnam is in English, we should consider to have it in Vietnamese language. The presentations also highlighted areas where we could improve and some new techniques we could apply. For Australia the research showed us where there were opportunities for ABB and where the market was mature and stagnant. Some presentations used a system called "Prezzie" which moves the presentation around like it was on a big screen.

All ABB attendees were extremely impressed with the quality of the work and research given that the students are neither electrically minded or had ever heard of ABB before the research.Next month a select group of the students will do the presentation the Country Management Board, where they will be asked more details about their work.

From ABB we would like to thank the RMIT and the students for a job well done.

3 best groups from Ho Chi Minh campus
3 best groups from Ho Chi Minh campus


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