ABB software delivers integrated enterprise intelligence to unlock value

New solutions empower intelligent, risk-based decision making and enterprise-management strategies across asset-intensive industries ABB‘s Digital Enterprise portfolio is the only technology that delivers the necessary functionality and visibility to allow industrial firms to operate their assets and infrastructure as efficiently as possible — not only to drive profitability and ROI, but also to guard against reputational and institutional risk across the financial, legal, and safety dimensions.

An evolution of ABB Ability™ Ellipse®, Digital Enterprise is essentially a digital twin of the physical world, connecting operators and decisionmakers with a real-time digital and virtual view of their portfolio on a single pane of glass, offering greater visibility and actionable intelligence across the value chain and driving business value. With single-point access to all assets, systems, analytics, business process and the workforce, Digital Entperise users can quickly weigh risk, cost impact, and safety to make better decisions on the spot.

The software visualizes and presents operational data using geospatial maps and workflows to allow for a more accurate, unified and instant presentation of available assets. With greater fidelity to the real world, Digital Enterprise users can gain heightened situational awareness and predictivity of system behavior with one interface rather than on multiple isolated systems. For example, operators can easily detect a component at risk of failing and dispatch a nearby work crew with the necessary replacement part to the cause, instead of sending a worker to merely to confirm a failure, begin to diagnose a remedy, and initiate a work process.

In parallel, ABB has also launched a new update of its ABB Ability Network Manager that offers a single network model view across the entire grid, as well as a unified access to the full suite of advanced applications. Currently, generation, transmission and distribution power networks are often managed separately from each other and without inter-operability, leading to information discrepancies and possible errors. An integrated operations platform under a single user interface significantly reduce these risks.

“With these new product releases, we are supporting our customers on their digital transformation journey, offering a new approach to connect operations, engineering and business management with ABB’s IT and OT expertise,” said Martin Zuercher, Hub Business Line Manager, Business Line Grid Automation Middle East, Power Grids business. “By using advanced technologies, software and services, and by gathering data, we are providing our customers with greater insight into their use of assets, people and processes that in turn enables them to better manage their assets.”


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