Driving innovation and growth in smart electrical distribution in China

ABB Electrification has today unveiled two new tech workshops and two new smart electrical distribution products at an Innovation Day in Xiamen, China.

The product launches and the opening of new workshops reinforces ABB Electrification’s position as a smart technology leader, demonstrating its commitment to meeting the increasing demand for efficient energy distribution solutions in China.

New products launch
New products launch

The new products are the latest additions to ABB Distribution Solutions’ wide-ranging portfolio, introducing a slimmer version of UniGear ZS1 medium-voltage (MV) switchgear and the ConVac medium-voltage vacuum contactor.

The tech workshops are: The indoor and outdoor Medium-Voltage Apparatus & Service Workshop and the Instrument Transformers & Sensor Workshop.

Alessandro Palin, Managing Director of ABB's Distribution Solutions business line
Alessandro Palin, Managing Director of ABB's Distribution Solutions business line
James Zhao, lead business manager for ABB’s Electrification business in China
James Zhao, lead business manager for ABB’s Electrification business in China

“We have great confidence in China's economic development and actively implement ABB's long-term commitment of ‘in China, for China and the world’,” said James Zhao, lead business manager for ABB’s Electrification business in China. “ABB Electrification’s technology covers the entire electrical value chain from substation to socket, enabling safer and more reliable power distribution. ABB's medium- and low-voltage distribution solutions integrate a range of digital and connected innovations to support the transformation and upgrading of utility, industrial, transport and infrastructure users to unlock value.”

ABB sees innovation as part of its DNA. As early as 1992, ABB’s UniGear ZS1 switchgear with vacuum circuit breakers entered into the Chinese market, pioneering the design and manufacturing of MV switchgear. Since then, there have been several new additions, such as the global introduction of UniGear ZS1 in 2004, the launch of UniGear 550 with a panel width of only 550 mm, in 2005, and the iUniGear with condition monitoring and diagnostics with support for IEC 61850 – a fundamental step into digitalization, in 2013.

ABB Electrification Innovation Day in Xiamen, China
ABB Electrification Innovation Day in Xiamen, China

Today ABB launches UniGear ZS1 with a panel width of 500 mm as the latest achievement of ABB's long-term continuous innovation, which strengthens ABB's leading position in the MV air-insulated switchgear market and creates more value for its customers.

UniGear ZS1, with a panel width of only 500 mm, the narrowest available with a withdrawable circuit breaker, is an important addition to the UniGear ZS1 product family, which offers a more reliable, safer and smarter distribution solution with ratings of up to 12kV, 1250 A, 31.5 kA.

The main benefits of the new UniGear ZS1 medium-voltage (MV) switchgear include:

• Its slim design ensures installation space savings up to 25 percent, installation time is reduced by 10 percent, while delivery time is reduced by up to 30 percent

• It has improved performance in heat dissipation and electric field distribution ensure 1.1 temperature rise endurance, low partial discharge and that it is condensation proof

• Its internal arc classification AFLR 31.5 kA/1s guarantees the highest safety for people and equipment

• Full access to the switchgear’s condition (thermal, electrical, mechanical and environmental) in real-time enables predictive, safe and efficient maintenance.

The ABB ConVac is suited to a wide variety of applications requiring a high number of operations such as motor starting and motor control centers, transformers, soft starters, and metal-enclosed capacitor banks. It offers customers a fast solution to change accessories or auxiliary supply voltage, via plug and play accessories. In addition, it makes installation easier and more convenient with savings of up to 40 percent on wiring time, thanks to its plug and socket electrical connections with an embedded terminal box.

The main customer benefits of ConVac are:

• The independent three-phase pole has a better insulation and mechanical performance.

• The linear-drive for the stable mechanical characteristics with longer operation life.

• Flexible installation options including upside-down solution for extreme space-limited installations.

• Easier product replacement and up to 20 percent smaller panel footprint compared to other solutions in the market.

“ABB is committed to writing the future of safe, smart and sustainable electrification,” said Alessandro Palin, Managing Director of ABB's Distribution Solutions business line. “Switchgear systems are key to ensuring the safety of the electrified economy. With China being one of ABB’s key markets, we are proud to launch these two new innovations to our customers during this event. These two new products are proof of ABB’s commitment and relentless drive to bring future-focused and sustainable alternatives to the market to shape the infrastructure of tomorrow.”

More than 800,000 vacuum circuit breakers and contactors and more than 300,000 panels of medium-voltage switchgear have been delivered to the domestic and overseas market. ABB is committed to be the partner of choice, to deliver smart distribution to local customers and enhance their core competitiveness. So far, ABB's distribution solutions have been widely recognized in the Chinese market with recordable achievements and have been deployed in the Olympic stadiums, Beijing Great Hall of the People, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Capital Airport, Xiamen Metro and other key projects.

With today’s opening, ABB is enhancing its operational footprint within its Xiamen Hub. The former Instrument Transformer & Epoxy Component Factory located in Sihui Guangdong since 2010 was moved to ABB’s Xiamen hub. The opening of this factory, showcases ABB’s continuous attention to quality and reliability, delivering best-in-class solutions to its customers and partners.

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a technology leader that is driving the digital transformation of industries. With a history of innovation spanning more than 130 years, ABB has four customer-focused, globally leading businesses: Electrification, Industrial Automation, Motion, and Robotics & Discrete Automation, supported by the ABB Ability™ digital platform. ABB’s Power Grids business will be divested to Hitachi in 2020. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with about 147,000 employees. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R&D, manufacturing, sales and services, with near 20,000 employees located in more than 130 cities, 44 local companies, and online and offline channels across around 700 cities. www.abb.com

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