Dr. Amina Hamidi awarded European CTO of the Year 2019

As the Chief Technology Officer of the ABB Electrification business, Dr. Amina Hamidi leads the efforts of more than 2,500 scientists and engineers around the globe. She was now honored with the CTO of the Year Europe award for her customer needs-driven and technology disruption-oriented leadership, instigating growth and innovation.

With 11 years of experience in research and 8 years in the business, Dr. Amina Hamidi is a role model for business relevant innovation. At ABB, she leads an interdisciplinary transformative team to develop disruptive technologies in the field of electrification and collaborates closely with customers, suppliers, start-ups and universities amongst others to ensure that the created cutting-edge solutions are brought to market rapidly. As the leader of 2,500 scientist and engineers, Amina understands that true innovation comes from diversity – of backgrounds and ideas. Find out more about Amina, her vision and the groundbreaking projects she worked on with her team in the video.

Dr. Amina Hamidi, CTO of ABB Electrification and CTO of the Year Europe 2019

The CTO of the Year Europe Award recognizes the continent’s most prominent technology leaders driving European growth and prosperity through technology and innovation in two categories: Large Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Amina was initially selected as one of three finalists for the category Large Corporates, competing with CTO’s from Ericsson and KION Group AG. After participating in a panel discussion on the role of CTOs and how they boost an organizations’ performance at the Orgalim’s Reinventing Europe’s Industrial Leadership conference in Brussels, Amina was voted as CTO of the Year Europe by the conference audience and award jury. This is the fifth year in which these awards have been made, with previous winners hailing from global giants like Intel and Rolls-Royce through to agile growth businesses such as Avantium and Nanolive.


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