Inside the test hall

The commander of thunderstorms

The ABB test center in Sweden, has been leading the way in the development of giant transformers 32 meters long and weighs 800 tons, the equivalence of 550 cars. They are needed to transmit bulks of power over very long distances (greater than 2000km) enabling electricity supply for millions of households around the world.

The test hall is one of the most advanced high-voltage DC and AC test facility in the world and UHV transformers are among the most powerful in the world.

Tobias Wass is one of ABB´s skilled test technicians that is performing a series of tests on the transformer on a daily basis. Tobias task is to verify the quality of the transformer and make sure it meets customer expectations.

"It takes many years to become a certified test technician, years during which the individual accumulates testing experience and knowledge. The same applies for building a modern transformer which requires precision work and demands the utmost of craftsmanship in areas such as forging, welding, metalworking, coil technology and much, much more" explains Tobias.

He explains that the testing procedure is a prerequisite to qualify all new equipment. This is a delicate task that requires excellence in electrical engineering and skills.

"During a transformer test, the transformer is also subjected to shock tests which simulates a lightning strike over 2 million volts in the equipment. The whole thing is extremely spectacular and fascinating"

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