ABB's amorphous core transformers win Cup of the Minister of Economy award

The power industry recognizes the advanced technology of power efficient transformers. For its amorphous core transformers, ABB received the Cup of the Minister of Economy, the highest award in the competition for the most innovative product presented during international fair ENERGETAB 2013 in Poland.

ENERGETAB is one of the biggest and most important power industry fairs in Central Europe.

Organizers recognized the advanced technology implemented in the ABB's devices, which - despite their higher price - offers significant gains for their users in the long run as compared with traditional transformers. With the use of amorphous metal in core production and the resulting decrease in no-load losses, amorphous transformers have become an effective tool in meeting the requirements of the European Union's new directive on power efficiency, which imposes limits on power consumption on member states since 2020.

"Our transformer, first of all, uses innovative technology and is environmentally friendly. One should remember that lower power losses translate directly into decreased CO2 emissions associated with power generation," said Eligiusz Hasiak, Market Manager for the local ABB transformers business unit in Poland. "Awarding the Cup of the Minister of Economy indicates that the issue of power efficiency and ecology is of concern within the power industry."

From left: Edward Sloma from Polish Ministry of Economy, Eligiusz Hasiak and Andrzej Kapczynski from local business unit transformers in Lodz, Poland. Photo courtesy of Janusz Mazurkiewicz.

Amorphous core transformers have become an intrinsic element in the modernization of the Polish power grid. Production of amorphous devices began before the end of 2010 in the ABB transformer plant in Łódź, and the manufacturing process and technology have been under constant improvement and development ever since.

ABB in Poland has signed contracts for several thousand amorphous transformers both for the domestic and international markets since production began.

"In recent years, distribution companies have focused on decreasing energy losses that occur in the distribution process. ABB's commencement of production of amorphous core transformers is a proof that the company listens to and recognizes the needs of its clients and is fully capable of swift implementation of innovative products," claimed Ryszard Migdalski, director of the ENERGETAB Fair.

He added that the prestige of the granted awards is the result of not only the prestige of the institution which lends its name to individual distinctions, but also of the almost two weeks' of work by 10 experts, who thoroughly analyzed the descriptions, documentation, certificates and other documents delivered by the applicants.

This year's ENERGETAB Fair had a record-breaking 740 exhibitors. Approximately 16 thousand people visited the Fair during the first two days alone.

"Participation of ABB, a global company with a wide spectrum of manufactured devices and instrumentation and with high innovation level, is very important for the Fair's organizers. We are proud that the majority of internationally renowned companies that operate on the Polish market have presented their newest products at the ENERGETAB Fair," said Ryszard.


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