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A new interactive app from ABB explains in simple terms how reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering solutions help in improving power quality of electrical networks

Take the power quality challenge to see how harmonic pollution and low power factor can affect operations and profits in a hotel and a factory. You will see the impact of increasing loads on various electrical equipment such as fluctuating lights, flickering screens and machines and production slowing down or being interrupted. You will also experience enhanced efficiency, steady operations and lower downtime when Power Quality solutions are applied.

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Harmonics are "electrical pollution" created by many modern loads. If the harmonic levels in an electrical system are too high, they cause increase in system losses, and overload and tripping of installed protections. This leads to interference in operations and even shut down of installations. Similarly, several type of base loads found in industrial installations have a low power factor (PF). This requires reactive power compensation to preventhigh load current which add losses in network elements and may prevent machines from starting. The overall impact of harmonic pollution and low power factor is poor system efficiency and potentially production downtime.

Utilities all over the world penalize customers for not maintaining PF upto a specified level or meeting harmonic regulations. The penalty, at times, may be as severe as disconnection of the power supply itself.

ABB's capacitor and filter product portfolio consists of a wide range of high, medium and low voltage capacitors and filters that can address any power quality issue of an industrial, commercial or utility installation. They help solve a variety of problems leading to customer benefits like trouble free operations of electrical system, less down-time, compliance with regulations and even possible reduction of CO2 emissions and running costs. By partnering with ABB, customers get access to a rich experience in analysis, design and engineering skills for managing Power Quality issues. ABB's worldwide service and support organization can act with local precision and the complete product portfolio presents a one-stop shop for capacitor and filter solutions, as well as for other Power Quality products.


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